How To: Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic eyelash extensions add length making lashes more noticeable and adding a darker color to the lash. In this method the fullness of the lash will not be of much of interest.
The very first step is placing pads underneath the eyes on the lower lash, so that the adhesive gel won’t be spilling on it. Next, the primer is applied to the upper lash.
In order to make the eye look more attractive it’s better to put eyelashes of sizes 8, 10 and 12 to the inner corner, the centre and the outer corner of the eye, respectively.
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Hello to every one of you Rojelab followers, I'm Sharareh Vahedi. Today, I'm gonna show you a new classic eyelash extension technique, so stay tuned with us. As you might know, the first step is adding pads underneath the eyes before going through the main process of classic extension. well, I've placed the pads, now I'll apply the primer and then the false lashes. I picked sizes of 8,10 and 12 for this client. size 8, which is the shortest one, will be used for the inner corner of the eye. the size 10 for the centre and 12 for the outer corner which can make the eyes look more stretched. well, we're done with applying these classic false nails. as you see, there are no marks of the adhesive gel anywhere on the lashes.

And it also looks fairly natural while we used three different sizes of false lashes 8,10 and 12. In order to make the eye look more attractive, we have to arrange the false lashes in a way that they become longer as it goes to outer corner. in fact, it's this way in classic style, however there are other styles like cat-eye and doll in which lashes are all the same length. but in the classic style, the lashes slowly start to become longer from left to right which makes the eye look more stretched. I hope you've found it useful, to know more about our services in this beauty salon, you can dial the numbers. we'll be so delighted to see you in person in our beauty salon, Thanks a lot for watching.

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