Plasma Therapy For Skin Treatment Explained

In this tutorial, we aim to provide you with information about Plasma Therapy and Plasma Jet machines and answer a few common questions that clients usually have. This video is provided by Mrs. Faeze Jafari. To learn more or receive our services on the latest tattoo and Micro-pigmentation techniques, please contact us at 09121962430.


Greetings. I’m Amirkhizi and today I’m here to answer your many questions about Plasma Therapy. First, I would like to tell you a bit about Plasma Therapy and the devices used for this procedure.

Matter exists in three types in nature, that is solid, liquid and gas. For example, ice is the solid state of water, which can turn into liquid by consuming energy and it can turn into gas if given more energy. From the perspective of physical science, there’s a fourth state of matter that is called Plasma. Plasma is a very powerful and ionized gas that loses energy and becomes cold the moment it touches a surface and ionizes the surface.

Keep in mind that this Plasma is in no way relevant to blood plasma. It’s just simply a similarity in names. I say this because we’ve received lots of questions about whether this is in any way related to blood plasma. Unlike other types of gas that are not good conductors of electricity, plasma is a very good conductor. This characteristic is used by Plasma Jet machines to do cosmetic procedures. Examples of Plasma in nature can be lightening and sparks.

Some of you have asked if Plasma Jet machines use radio frequencies or lasers. This is a more advanced method compared to lasers and radio frequency treatments. One of the more important benefits of Plasma Therapy is that it doesn’t penetrate deep into the tissue and we can operate it with complete control. All the tissue scars left from this procedure will disappear after one week to one month, depending on how sensitive the skin is, and after this period, you will not see any scars left or colloid formation.

Plasma Jet is the latest technology from Europe. I can explain the inner working on this machine this way:
Superheated Plasma gas enters the Epidermis layer, which is the uppermost layer of the skin, through the applicator and at a brief moment causes the skin and fat to turn into gas form before cooling. This sublimation causes retraction of the skin and therefore a lifting process is performed. At the same time, the contact of the superheated gas stimulates the skin and causes collagen regeneration.

We can use two different methods for this lift. One is scanning and the other method is point by point. An interesting factor about Plasma Therapy is that it’s not limited to a certain age and anyone with any type of skin defect can apply for this procedure. People who rather not go through surgery, for any reason, be it the high cost or the risks associated with anesthetics or any other reasons can use this method and get the best results. Depending on your skin type, it could take one to four sessions to get the best results. For minor defects, you will see the results after only one session immediately after the procedure. For people with deeper scars or complicated defects, it could take up to four sessions. Another question often asked is the time between each session. The time between each session is from one month to two months depending on each specific case. The skin must heal completely before the next session. Lots of you have asked about the applications of Plasma. One of the main applications is in reducing or curing all kinds of wrinkles, smile lines, and lines around the eyes. It can also be used for removing warts and moles. It’s widely used for treating scars.

As you well know, scar treatments are one of the more complicated problems in the field of cosmetics. Using this method, you can treat the scars without causing damage, pain, or leaving any residue behind and the process can be done as an outpatient treatment. Plasma Therapy can also be used to treat stretch marks in a woman after pregnancy, Xanthelasma, Colloids, and Angioma. It can be used in nose lift procedures. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t work very well.
If you have a nose with big bones and it’s mostly recommended to be used on noses with a more fleshy structure. It can be used to lift and reduce double chins. It can remove moles, lines, and acne. Acne can form because of sunlight or liver issues. Either way, it can be reduced using Plasma Therapy. However, keep in mind that you have to find the source that’s causing the acne and Plasma Therapy can only help reduce it. Acne usually appears on people with lighter or thin skins.

The most effective type of Plasma Jet is blepharoplasty and some people know Plasma Jet by this name. Blepharoplasty is actually a surgery done on eyelids. Before surgeons used to remove part of the eyelids and then stitch the two remaining parts of the eyelids together and it was possible that there would be color changes, inflammation, or scar tissue on the area after the procedure. This is good news for people with any type of medical problem with their eyelids, be it ptosis or inflammation, even if they are slight at the time, they can fix it with Plasma Therapy usually with one session and then go through blepharoplasty for complete removal of ptosis. The good news is that this process is not temporary, like what you get with Botox. Plasma will technically remove and reduce the eyelids using its superheated gas. When the part of the eyelid you need is removed, it will not grow back again.

I hope I’ve answered your questions. For more information about free consultancy, you can call us with the numbers available at the description. This concludes our tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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