How To: Natural Homemade Facial Lotion

Almond is a great source of E vitamin which provides so many benefits such as detoxification for the body and reducing skin wrinkles and acne. Moreover, it contains minerals like fiber, magnesium and iron. The lotion we’re gonna talk about today is made up of almond and milk. This mixture helps to make your skin softer and smoother which can be applied before going to bed at night.
Milk can function as a natural cleanser which is beneficial to removing pimple patches on the skin as well as making it brighter. To prepare this lotion, grind two almonds and mix with two spoonfuls of milk.
Apply the obtained mixture to the face with a pad before going to bed and wash it off the next morning.


Hello everyone, I'm Dorsa from Rojelab website, Today I'm gonna teach you how to make a hydrating lotion that can be used before going to bed instead of moisturizers without having to wash it off. This lotion is made up of two crushed almonds and a spoonful of milk. as we are all aware, almond is a major source of E vitamin which is considered an amazing skin nutrient. it also helps clean poisons from the body and reduces acne and wrinkles, in addition it contains magnesium, fiber and iron. furthermore, milk can be used as a natural face cleanser and helps remove all eruption and acne patches on the face. it also lightens the face, it's loaded with calcium and contains β-Hydroxy which is a natural lactic acid, and this helps perform a mild exfoliation to the face. and in case of sunburnt skins, it helps reduce the burnt patches. now I'll add a spoonful of milk to the crushed almond. here I have to add a bit more because I have a small spoon. add the milk and start stirring the mixture.

After it's thoroughly mixed, apply it to the face with a pad before going to bed after washing the face. after applying it all over the face, let it dry off and then you can go to bed. you may see the almond particles showing on my face, that's because the almond has not been well crushed. If the almond is thoroughly crushed, you'll get a quite uniform mixture and won't see almond particles on your face like mine here. however if you still see almond particles on the face, you can wipe your face after 15 or 20 minutes with a wet pad. otherwise you needn't do any washing till you get up in the morning. I hope you can enjoy using this treatment for your face. don't forget to comment on us for that, see you later.

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