How To: Pimple Spot Herbal Treatment

Due to the fact that the T-shaped zone in the face including forehead and nose contains more fat that the rest of parts, it is more likely to have pimples. However, there are so many natural substances that can help get rid of these pimples.
For this purpose, you just need to put some dried chamomile and rosemary in boiling water and let the face to touch the steam. Rosemary has a disinfecting quality. Rinse the face with cold water after 10 minutes of steam touch.


Hello everyone, I'm Dorsa from Rojelab website. Today I'm about to give you a tip to clear pimples on the nose. people who are prone to pimples, usually have more of it on the forehead or the nose. because this T-shaped part of the face contains more fat, so naturally it gets more pimples on this area. I wanna teach you a steam therapy having dried chamomile and rosemary. which is beneficial for clearing pimple. there are 3 types of pimples including blackheads which usually occurs on nose. whiteheads and pustules ( inflammatory ) pimples which sometimes appear under the skin's surface.. For the treatment there are various chemical substances but all have temporary effect. but the method I'll teach you today, if regularly applied may both treat and prevent pimples because of the rosemary disinfecting benefit. now what shall we do for that. we're gonna need 3 glasses of water, 2 spoonful of dried chamomile and 2 spoonful of either fresh or dried rosemary.

Put these all in a container. heat it until it boils and let the steam touch your face for 5 to 10 minutes. Then you'll feel the pimples specially the blackheads have become less raised on the nose. or if you put on pimple bandaids after that, they will come off the skin more easily. plus the disinfecting quality that rosemary brings. I hope you make use of this technique and leave the results in comments below this video. see you again soon.

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