How To: Homemade Face Exfoliating Mask

Strawberry is a good source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid or fruit acid which makes it an essential raw material in the cosmetics industry. Fruit acids help promote blood flow, this will result in new cells generation.
Strawberry is also helpful to skin rejuvenation as well as reducing wrinkles. When mixed with gelatin, it forms a fairly hard liquid which performs a mild exfoliation while being removed off the skin.
To prepare this type of mask you just need to make a bowl of strawberry purée and mix with water-dissolved gelatin. Then apply the mixture thoroughly to the face with a brush. Let it remain on the face for a few minutes until it dries off before peeling it off the skin.


Hello everyone, I'm Dorsa from Rojelab website, Today I'm gonna show you how to make a face exfoliator with strawberry and gelatin. as you know, there are plentiful strawberries in this season, as this fruit contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids,it is highly used in cosmetics industry. These fruit acids dissolve and remove tough layers on the skin surface and this helps improve the blood flow but also promotes new skin cell generation. it also contains E and C vitamin and helps to skin rejuvenation, slows down the aging and prevents wrinkles. If mixed with gelatin, it dries off when applied to the skin, then we can peel it off in the form of thin sheets. apart from the fruit acid benefits, this peeling makes a mild exfoliation for the skin. well, I've made a purée of strawberry like this here.

And mixed the gelatin powder with hot water to get a liquid like this. but if you have gelatin in the form of sheets, you can put them in water and heat with steam till they are well dissolved. what I'm about to do now is take this strawberry purée. and mix with the gelatin liquid together. well, I've made a mixture here, as you see It's starting to harden a bit. I'll apply it to the face with a brush. well I've applied this mask all over my face, now leave it on to dry off and then start to remove it. well, I've washed my face, you will feel how softer your skin is while removing the mask. that's because of the exfoliation by the gelatin. I hope you will enjoy using this mask, see you in the next tutorial.

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