Face Makeup With Grimas Products Step-By-Step

In this brief tutorial, you’ll see the steps to a beautiful face makeup using Grimas products. To call our academic institute, please dial 021-49163000, and to contact our sales department please contact us at 09126954939.


As you might know, it’s better to start a facemakeup with the eyes. To apply the eyemakeup, we used beige pearlite, plus black eye shadow from Grimas products. For the foundation, you can use makeup remover, plus beige pearlite 745 and shell color pearlite. Mix these colors and add them to the skin.

Use a clean brush to fade them thoroughly.

You can see the whole makeup process using Grimas products presented in this video. Use a special camouflage under the eyelids using M8 or MS10 brushes. To join classes or conferences from this Dutch brand, call us using the numbers provided in the description.

You can use dark and light colors to apply contouring methods. Use 06 compact and P8 brush to fix the concealer on the face. Use Grimas’ fixing powder to extend the lifespan of the makeup.

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