How To: Facial Skin Cleansing

In this tutorial, you will learn more about devices used for skincare and skin cleansing. This video was provided by Oxin Teb Skin Care Center. To join our classes, please contact us at , or .


Greetings. I am Bagheri. I am a skincare expert from Oxin Teb Cosmetic Center. In this item, we want to talk about skin cleansing and recognition. As you well know, traditionally during a skin cleansing process, we only use different products to get results but nowadays, some devices can be used to help reduce skin defects and increase the ratio of absorption of products by the skin. In this item, we want to talk about different products and devices used during skin therapy.

The first phase of skin cleansing and hydration. This device can perform skin hydration, age reduction, absorption, scrubbing, cold therapy, and core therapy. First, we need to recognize the skin and understand what type of skin we are working with so we can choose the right device, product, and handpiece that we want to work with. My client has oily skin, open pores, and you can see some acne on the face as well. First, I will get my material ready and clean the face from makeup residues.

Apply some makeup remover or skin milk to the face, start massaging it with rotational movements, remove the makeup, and clean the skin thoroughly. I used a suitable makeup remover for oily skin to remove the makeup and now want to remove the eye makeup as well. I will put a napkin under the eyelashes to make sure the mascara does not smear on the rest of the face. I can use a makeup remover or dual-phase material to remove the mascara using a cotton swab. As you can see, I can easily remove the makeup without smearing it on the other areas.

To continue, I will use clean pads and a suitable toner for oily skin to clean the skin. A toner will stabilize skin PH, remove any remaining skin milk or gel from the skin, and provide a deeper cleansing. At this stage, I have already cleaned the skin and now I need to scrub the skin to remove the dead skin cells. As long as the skin is not completely clean and the dead skin cells have not been removed, the skin cannot absorb new products. Therefore, I am going to use my skin therapy device and set it to use the scrubbing material from container A and start the scrubbing process.

This device is not aggressive and while it scrubs the skin, it can also moisturize it at the same time and you will not need to moisturize the skin afterward. I used the product from container A to remove the dead skin cells and scrub the face. Now I can use bottle B which to oxygenate, moisturize, and nourish the skin. I can continue the skin scrubbing process keeping in mind that I am also restoring the skin and stimulating it to create new cells without damaging it in any way. I will set the device to use the material from container B and continue the process.

You can set all the features of the device including how much material we want to use and suction power and it is very easy to operate. One thing you should pay special attention to is that you should always sterilize the device before use since it performs suction. To sterilize the device you have to use the product from container C and the device will sterilize the handpiece and the hose leading up to it. When I’m done sterilizing the skin, I can move to container D and use oxygenated water to start the third phase of the scrub and as you know, oxygenated water is very helpful with removing wrinkles and dark spots from the skin.

Container D is behind the device and you can set the features on the device and use any of the containers you like. I might even choose not to work with container D and skip applying oxygenated water to the face. This depends on what you prefer. After our work with the suction device is finished, I can use the skin scrub handpiece to remove the pimples and acne from the face and continue the scrubbing process. As you can see, there is acne on the face and I can use this device for deeper cleaning.

I use the panel to set the device. One of the features of this device is that you can set it from level one to ten and choose how aggressive you want the procedure to be. If the skin is thin and sensitive, you can work with higher levels and if the skin is oily or thick, work with higher levels. Scrub the skin thoroughly and remove the pimples and dark and white head rash from the skin. After the scrub, the skin is ready to absorb the products. I can spray the skin with an anti-acne product, which is suitable for my client’s skin using this handpiece. This device forces the material inside the skin using high pressure.

I used the spray handpiece to spray the skin with the products and now I can use the ultrasonic device to help the skin to absorb the material fully. I want to apply some moisturizing gel to the skin and help it absorb the material. Since the skin is dry and dehydrated, I can use the ultrasonic device to help the skin absorb the material. Therefore, I am using hydro-dermal material, which is suitable for their skin and will help reduce dryness. Let’s turn on the ultrasonic handpiece and set it to the level we like. We can also set the timer and work on the face until the material has been absorbed.

All our movements should be upward. We never massage the face downward. This is because we are trying to lift the skin and if you have watched closely, you might have noticed that I kept this type of movement throughout the process. I will work across the skin and try to help it absorb the material using the ultrasonic hand device. Again, I am going to use hydro-dermal gel and moisturizers. I will apply the gel across the face since I want to use the RF polar skin toner.

This device can help strengthen the facial muscles and lift the face. I will set the level for the device and work on the face at a higher level and around the eyes at a lower one. Make sure the gel is not too little and apply plenty of it so we do not irritate the client. We work both around the eyes and on the main facial muscles with rotational movements. This is a very effective method to lift the face. It will lift the skin completely and works very well with a woman with loose facial muscle or skin. Just keep in mind that the gel should be plenty to prevent hurting the client.

I will use the device to massage the forehead upward. There are a few cases where you cannot use this device including for those who have metal implants in their body, pacemakers, platinum implants, and continuous implants, cannot take nerve shocks, and those suffering from leprosy. I have removed the gel from the face and now I will dry it. Later I will use the cold handpiece to cool off the face. I can use the device to reduce any irritation or inflammation that might have been caused during the scrubbing process.

At this point, I can also use any absorbable face cream that could help reduce the irritation. After cold therapy, I want to use algae mask, which is anti-acne and is suitable for oily skin. I will apply the mask to the face and when it is dry, I can easily remove it. I can apply this mask all across the face, even the eyes and lips. After every skin related work, we should always consider using a suitable mask. As you all know, there are different types of masks. You can use latex masks, gold masks, or even gold layers. You can join our classes to learn all the techniques about working with skincare material and masks.

In this video, I had to skin some of the work because of the time limit that we have, but in our classes,
We teach you all the techniques in detail regarding different material for scrubbing, skin restoration, skincare, and devices. I cover the whole face even the lips and eyes using the algae mask. It is also very easy to remove this mask from their skin. We let the mask remain on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes and after the allotted time,
We can remove the mask and finally you will be able to see the result.

Applying the mask is the final stage of our work. We will wait fifteen to twenty minutes for the mask to dry and then we can easily remove the mask, which has now turned into something similar to latex. Then you can see how it has closed the skin pores, reduced acne, reduced inflammation, and nourished the skin. For the rest of the subjects such as skin cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing, age reduction, and working with different devices, please refer to our center, Oxin Teb and join our classes. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and if you want to join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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