Working With Micro-Pigementation Devices

In this brief video, two different Micro-pigmentation devices produced by PM are introduced.


Today we’re going to introduce the PM Micro-pigmentation machine.

This product includes a tablet in the box. The box contains a tablet, a handpiece, and five separate cartridges. To turn on the tablet, press the button on top of the tablet. This tablet has three different utilities. It can be set for Micro-pigmentation, Micro-blading, skin, and tissue maintenance procedures.

The tablet will let you choose from default smart settings. These settings are designed for different parts of the face. You can adjust the power and speed of the machine based on the operation you are looking to perform. The handpiece can be connected to the tablet wirelessly or using a cable.

The machine can work for eight hours with every single recharge. It can be recharged or operated using the USB cable provided inside the box. The cartridges are screwed on to the handpiece and you can be sure the cartridge is connected to the handpiece and completely in place. The notch on the handpiece will help you control how much of the needle is used for different operations.

You can see two distinct charge indicators for the tablet and handpiece at the top of the screen. The machine can also play music.

Now let us introduce the PM’s ZX-1501. This machine includes an intelligent system with the ability to connect to a smart application. The application can be installed on android and IOS phones alike.

The machine has different settings for needle speed based on the thickness of Epidermis. This is a triple action device and can perform Micro-pigmentation, Micro-blading and skin care operations.

Lightness, ergonomic design, and ease of use are some of the most important characteristics of the handpiece. There are cables inside the package that will enable you to use the handpiece using the cable, as well as with wireless connections. This device can operate for eight hours with each recharge. To recharge the device you only have to charge the stand using the adapter and USB cable. To use direct electricity, you can use the cable, which connects the handpiece to the stand.

To use the smart application, you can download it from the app store or google play for android phones. As soon as the application is run, the handpiece is acknowledged and a connection is made. This device includes predefined settings, which can be changed for each part of the face. This smart sensor can adjust the needle speed according to the thickness of Epidermis. However, you can change these settings manually.

Cartridges exist in different types and shapes to help you implement permanent makeup techniques in the best way possible. Especially, flat cartridge number fourteen and seventeen from this company can be a good replacement for blading. Needles uses in these cartridges have a calculated curve, which will increase the beauty and delicacy of the work. A speedy transfer of color to the skin is another characteristic of this product.

Elegance, beauty, and trust with PM products.

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