How To: Lip Contour

In this video, you’re going to learn how a Lip Contouring process using Micro-pigmentation is done. This video is performed by Mrs. Nastaran Khorshidi. If you’re interested in receiving our services or are looking to join our classes, please contact us at 09196184716.



I’m khorshidi, Micro-pigmentation and Microblading expert from Today I want to talk to you about Lip Contour using Micro-pigmentation.

For lip contouring, we use a three-headed power cartridge for the lip line. For the rest of the lips, we can use five and seven-headed cartridges. Use the three-headed cartridge to draw the lip line and five or seven-headed cartridges to draw on the rest of the lip in a way that the farther you move away from the lip line, the shades get lighter.

If the lip line is drawn above the actual line, the lip line we draw should be two degrees darker than the rest of the colors to hide the whiteness of the tissue. Move your hands in a rolling movement from outside toward the inside of the lips. Aside from the darker shade you use on the lip line, you should also consider using a darker shade on the edges of the lip line also.

To protect the client against herpes, Acyclovir medication must be taken three days prior to the lip contouring process and then three days after.

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