How To: Lash Line Pigmentation

In this tutorial, you can learn how to do an eyelash line using Micro-pigmentation techniques. This video is provided by Mrs. Maryam Sadough from Maryam Beauty Salon. If you’re interested in joining our classes, please contact us at 09122441371 .



I’m Maryam Sadough, Micro-pigmentation and Micro-blading artist. Today I’m here from to talk to you about eyelash Micro-pigmentation.

Before we begin we have to numb the eye by applying anesthetics and waiting for twenty minutes for it to take effect. Clean the tissue using a pad and alcohol to remove the oil from the skin. We start the process afterwards.

It’s important to retain a ninety degree angle of the hand throughout the process. This will prevent color diffusion. Keep in mind that for this process you have to work between the eyelash lines
The needle should penetrate to a medium depth. Not too deep and not too shallow. As I said the hand should be in a ninety degree angle. The movement should be back and forth and you should start at the end of the eyelash line to the inner edge of the eye.

It’s better to use a drop of dark brown and red in your black color mixture to prevent color change. Don’t shower or wash your eyes for three days afterwards and use gentamicin ointment every day. This ointment is specially designed for the eyes. Also, don’t use external eyelash liners for ten to twelve days.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Goodbye.

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