How To: Safe Eye Tattooing Tutorial

In this video, Ms Khorshidi performs eye tattoo in the uppermost layer of the skin, epidermis. In fact, in this method the needle is held vertically and superficially on the skin.
The tattoo shouldn’t reach the eyelid gap where is the line connecting the upper lid to the lower one on the outer corner of the eye. It is better to apply water-based pigments for this tattoo treatment.

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Greetings to every one of you dear followers. I'm Nastaran Khorshidi, a micro-pigmentation expert and instructor. Today, I'm gonna show you the eyeliner technique. the pigments are inserted in the uppermost layer of the skin which is epidermis. the needle is held superficially in a vertical position to the skin. the area where you shouldn't put any line is the lids gap. which is the line connecting the upper lid to the lower lash line. If we put too much pressure or reach this gap for any reason, it makes the pigment spread out. don't forget to use genuine colour dyes for the eyeliner. use water-borne paints for that. If you use oil-based paints, you must use its neutralizer too. pick the neutralizer according to the skin type and mix it with the paint, so the eyeline won't fade into green or smoky colour. One of other areas the pigment shouldn't reach, is the eye gum which is inside the eyes. If the paint touches this area, it will cause a permanent tic. If the needle touches the tear duct on the outer corner. it will block the eye tear duct. We shouldn't press our hands too hard otherwise it will make the colour spread. and breaks the lower layers and causes a deep inflammation. thanks a lot for watching us. we're grateful of you for following our works. see you guys again soon.

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