How To: Lash Line Pigmentation

In this brief tutorial, you will learn more about the techniques involved in lash line pigmentation as permanent makeup. This video was provided by Banoo Kermani beauty institute. To join our classes, please contact us at 02144202489, 02144225822, or 09123014616.


Greetings. I’m Kermani and I’m the administration at Banoo Kermani beauty institute with more than twenty years of professional experience in the field of cosmetics. I’m here with a tutorial on permanent makeups.

First, I will use a surgical pen to mark the outer edge of the eyes where is the triangle shaped area of the eye. For the color mixture for you lash line pigmentation, try to avoid jet black colors are much as possible. To prevent color changes into gray, green, and blue, after a few showers and as time passes, you must add one drop of colors with a warm nature like red in your mix. A critical factor that many of my colleagues don’t pay attention to in regards with the cartridge itself, is the length of the needle sticking out of the tip of the cartridge.

The needle must not stick out of the tip of the cartridge any more than half a centimeter. Another important factor is the hand pressure. You should also set the speed of the device to a low setting. Another important factor is the technique you use to implement the pigmentation, which should be with back and forth hand movements.

Start working on the lash line at the outer edge of the eye with back and forth hand movements, medium pressure, low device speed and half a centimeter of needle sticking out from the tip. Thank you for watching. Until next time, goodbye.

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