How To: Nescafe Tint Mixture

Hair colours with shades of Nescafe are of the most popular among women and are used in different shades from dark to light.
Watch this tutorial to get all you need to achieve the desirable result. When mixed with blonde, smoky or silver colours, Nescafe dye could make an amazing tint mixture to be applied to hair.


Hello everyone, Today I'm gonna teach you how to make a tint mixture of Nescafe colour. Nescafe hair colour is one of the most popular among women. it comes in different shades from dark to light. the first tint mixture I'm gonna show you is the smoky Nescafe. in order to reach this mixture, we must blend half the tube of smoky dark blonde dye with 1/3 the tube of dark blonde dye. Then, add 1/4 the tube of light Nescafe brown dye. remember that your existing base hair colour must be the No 6. For this number, you don't need to have too light a base colour, so you don't have to bleach your hair first. and the right oxidant for this mixture would be the 6% oxidant. now comes the delicate Nescafe mixture. For this mixture, you will need a base colour No of 7.46 blended with a 9% oxidant.

Light shade of No 7.46 needs a full tube, No 7.47 needs half a tube and No 6.20 needs 1/4 a tube of dye to be mixed with a 6% oxidant. now, light Nescafe mixture. This shade is usually obtained by mixing colours of caramel and chocolate. to get started, you need to first get your base hair colour to No 8. take 50 ml of light caramel dye and mix with 50 ml of light chocolate dye, 6% oxidant and 5 cm of silver mixtone, then apply the mixture to your hair. Brown Nescafe mixture without Bleaching. If you'd rather not bleach your hair, this mixture works best for you. to get this mixture, you need dark Nescafe blonde dye and 1/3 of the tube of ultra-light golden blonde dye, to be mixed with a 9% oxidant in 1:1.5 ratio. start applying to hair near the ends and after 20 mins apply to near the scalp.

Next is Cappuccino Nescafe mixture. This shade is also one of the trendiest among women. to get this mixture, you may add 2/3 a tube of Nescafe blonde 6 to 1/3 a tube of Cappuccino blonde 8 and blend with 3 cm of silver mixtone. there are some key points to keep in mind about tint mixtures. when mixing two or more hair dyes together, we should consider some tips to get the best possible result. first, never should you blend dyes of different brands together. or the result you will get may turn out to be a lot different than expected and that's because each brand uses its own specific formulation for making dyes. Do not mix different tones of hair dyes together, this may cause disharmony. you'd better mix colours with subtle differences between the tone and the base. For example, cold tones in bases of A8, C8 and N8 would make a suitable mixture. I hope you will use this tutorial for making your tint mixtures.

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