Microdermabrasion Explained

In this tutorial, a full Microdermabrasion process is presented as applied to a client. In a Microdermabrasion, which is similar to a skin scrub, the uppermost layer of the skin is removed. This method is also known as mechanical skin scrubbing. Using this method, you can remove freckles, black spots, scars and help close open skin pores. Microdermabrasion can be performed by hand or using a device. This video is provided by Dr. Rezae.


Greetings. I’m Rezae from Behsima cosmetic clinic. Today we’re going to talk about Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a non-aggressive mechanical peeling technique. It’s usually used to remove superficial skin scars, moles, black spots, wrinkles, and cure open skin pores. Like most facial operations, this technique has its own applications and cases of prohibited uses and contraindications. People selected for this procedure should have no prior cases of immune system issues and no prior case of ablative laser operations during the last few months. Using powerful skin removers and drugs such as Akutan can also fall under the contraindication category. Also, this procedure can’t be performed on people during their pregnancy period. People with colloid milium should also avoid this procedure since it can increase the formation of colloid skin.

The Microdermabrasion device which we are going to use today is a powder based one. The device uses two separate containers and will transfer aluminum oxide to the skin surface using probes. At the same time, a scrubbing and suctioning process take place on different parts of the skin. Another probe will transfer the powder back to the device and a different container.

To prepare the skin before performing the microdermabrasion process includes, cleaning the skin using suitable cleansers such as gel or milk and special toners. The suction and powder releasing levels of the device should be controlled and set prior to the procedure. You have to set the suction and powder release levels of the device for each procedure separately.

The probe is applied three to four times to each part of the skin you want to work on. You can use your hand to hold a part of the skin, so the skin does not fold under the probe during the process. The different parts you use the probe on should overlap. Otherwise, it could cause line formation on the skin. You can use this device on other parts of the skin, which might be damaged by scars of black spots.

As I noted before, it’s very important for the lines to overlap to avoid redness or visible remains after the procedure. For the parts of the skin with more defects such as freckles or black spots, you can focus a little longer and hold the probe on the area for a few moments and continue your work afterward.

As I said before, if you have open scars or big comedo, then the probe shouldn’t be applied to that specific area. Microdermabrasion is a very effective method against under skin boils, open pores and blackheads. The client’s eye should be closed during the process to prevent the aluminum oxide powder from entering the eye. You should also pay attention not to let the powder enter the client’s mouth or nostril.

At this point, the Microdermabrasion process is over. Use a wet towel to remove the extra powder from the face. The powder should be removed completely and the client can even wash their face to make sure. You should be careful not to expose your skin to direct sunlight and use special sunscreens. Repair creams should be used at least for a week to shorten the healing process.

Aside from skin restoration and repair, Microdermabrasion can stimulate skin collagen and fibroblast and increase elastin growth. It can repair superficial wrinkles, close the open skin pores, regulate skin fat and increase oxygen and blood circulation throughout the area. Medicine or care product usually applied to your skin, such as anti-aging products or moisturizers, will absorb many times better after this procedure.

The healing process takes fifteen to thirty days and the process should be repeated four to six times. After that, you can still have the same procedure on a monthly basis since the Microdermabrasion can help reduce the aging effect on the skin.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes on skin care, which includes many complicated concepts, please contact us using the numbers in the description.

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