How To: Face Contour & Eye Makeup

In this short video, we will explain contour and highlight methods. This video was provided by Mrs. Malihe Ghasemnezhad. To join our classes, please contact us at 09029024848, or 09124340985.


To contour the face, choose a cream powder three degrees darker than the natural skin and apply it on the cheekbone, jaw bone, nose, and above the forehead below the hair growth line. Now use a cream powder three degrees lighter than the skin tone and use them beside the darker cream powder. Fade the line between the two shades thoroughly.

We can use eyeshadows in our eye makeup to make them look bigger. To do this, apply a light eyeshadow to the inner edges of the eyes and use a white pencil on the inner line of the lower lash line.

To join our classes by Mrs. Malihe Ghasemnezhad, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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