How To: Using Micro Ring Hair Extension

In this brief tutorial, you can see how extensions can be added to hair using micro rings. This video is provided by Ostoureh Institute. To join our classes or to receive our services please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m here from Ostoureh institute. Today I want to talk to you about hair extensions using micro rings.

To use this type of extension, first, take a two-centimeter thick batch of hair from the bottom and leave them there. Do the same on the side and leave one and a half to two centimeters of hair free at that area. This will help hide the rings. Start picking one to one and a half centimeter thick patches of hair from the back and add the ring to the hair using the tool.

How much hair you choose depends on the volume of the client’s hair. Choose a thin line of hair and start adding the ring. It’s important to pick the hair on a single line to avoid hurting the client or pulling the hair. After making sure, the batch came from the same area, add the ring to the hair using the tool and add your extension. Use pliers to fasten the extension to the ring.

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