How To: Face Makeup With Glitter

In this tutorial, we show you a face makeup using glitter. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Azita Fard.


Greetings. I am Azita Fard. Today I want to teach you how to work with glitter.

Here, we have a natural face without any skin problems and obviously, we have to use a cream suitable for this face. I am preparing the face for a good foundation. You have to remember that smooth skin does not equal healthy skin. You might have a smooth skin, which is very dry. You have to pay attention to this fact to prevent your makeup from cracking.

Here, I am mixing my colors. You should try to know what your client likes. The forehead is not too long and hence we do not apply too much dark material to this area. I used a highlighter to separate the areas of the face and make some areas more visible. There are different pads you can use for this process which look like teardrops. We have applied the foundation and cream powder and as you can see, we have a very natural-looking face.

I use some of this powder to reduce some of the creamy effects on the face. Apply your dark contour to make the face look more delicate and frame the face. We use oily contour because it lasts longer. However, we can use dry contour here as well. It depends on how long we need the makeup and for what type of ceremony. During the whole process of makeup, we can use dry contour as well.

Since the upper lip is a little small, we apply a little extra glitter to this area. We use a little fixing powder to make the makeup more stable. I am still to fade the contour. I rather use the same brush I used to apply the contour, to fade it as well. I used an oily contour and now I want to work with a dry contour a little as well. This is all to make the makeup more stable and durable. We have a fixing spray here, which I use now. The makeup is now ready and stable for any ceremony.

We applied the eye makeup as well. My client wanted to lift the eyes but I convinced her that we could achieve the same goal using only makeup without using any tools or material that would lift the eyes. The glitter makeup is as you see here, a mixture of materials, which have a natural shine. I used the eyeshadow on the edge of the lash line outward and leaning slightly up to create a lift on the eyes. I want the eye makeup to start a little darker and move to a lighter shade.

Now let’s work on the center of the eyelid and then the inner edge of the eye. I have to work on the line between the different eyeshadows and the area around the eye. To know more about eyeshadows and applying the right product, you should join our classes to learn the exact sequence and material you need to apply. Move the brush back and forth. Fade any area you apply the product. I want to use a smaller glitter grain on some of the parts of the makeup. I use a special glue for this part.

You should pay special attention to make sure both eyes look the same. Make sure you do not smear the makeup under the eyes. Make sure to use powder under the eyes. The original size of the false lashes was too long. You should pay attention to the size and style of the eyes you are working on. It is very important not to attach a bigger false lash than the length of the eyes. If you make this mistake, there’s a chance the false lash will detach special in the summer.

If you pay attention to the space between the eyelashes, you will see we lifted the eyes by attaching the false lashes a little higher. I am not trying to draw a lash liner here. Most people do not like it. If they do we can draw one, but the normal design is what you see here. Apply the eyeliner directly on the lash line. I apply a highlighter on the cheeks. Now I can use my dry contour. Since we applied shining products, the other parts of the makeup should follow the same rule. There are very good lipsticks available in the market now and we do not need to draw a lip liner anymore.

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