How To: Learning Makeup Arts The Right Way

In this tutorial, we will cover the newest methods for teaching makeup arts. This video was provided by Mrs. Ghasemnezhad. To join our classes, please contact us at 09029024848, or 09124340985.


Greetings. I am Ghasemnezhad. I am a professional Makeup artist and instructor with more than eighteen years of experience. During my professional career, I felt the field of makeup needed a method where we could combine our understanding of colors in arts and professional makeup to provide water resistance makeup with high durability and resistance. This I did intend to satisfy the need in the cosmetics field for makeups that were highly durable using high-quality material.

Based on what I have observed about what the skin requires in different geographical regions, foundations and other material that exist as standalone products in the market, such as oil or water-based cream powders, cannot provide what we need to hide the defects, or style the face the way we need. For this, we need to learn techniques and principles beyond what each product or brand has to offer. This is why I decided to offer workshops where we do not just exhibit the results of makeup. Instead, we use the brands and material in action.

If you have chosen makeup arts as your profession, then you need to know at least the famous brands in the world. You have to understand the composition and structure of different foundations and skin types and learn how to choose the right foundation and material for each of these skin types and how you should apply each of these products. You have to understand face anatomy, foundation mixing, color mixes and spectrums, and many other subjects, which form the foundation of bridal makeups.

This is why I felt that I needed to form classes and workshops, which provided more than standard makeup techniques and provide sessions to those who are just beginning their professional careers in makeup so they can have a proper head start. Our first workshop is understanding the anatomy of the face where we aim to explain the types of face, anatomy, and painting techniques. We will also cover journal, shading, balancing and leveling the makeup, and applying makeup to each part of the face.

Our second workshop, which builds on the previous one, is our contour workshop. In this workshop, we will teach the students how to use the brush to apply the material, control and apply the correct color tone, use the right color, and hand speed. The student will work with each material in a real environment and learn how to make her own makeup foundation. Something that every instructor must make sure to cover in his or her classes is color mixing. The artist must learn how to mix different foundations to come up with a suitable tone by looking at the client’s face, eye color, clothing, hair, eyebrows, and the overall style of the makeup. This is why we put a lot of focus on mixing foundations in our workshops, so the student can learn to make his or her own foundations later on.

The student should be able to mix water, other liquids, pigments, and other material required for a foundation personally. The student will use this color mix to hide the defects of the face and form it by changing and reforming the natural style of the face. Next, we have a workshop focusing on understanding brands where the student will get to know all the most famous international brands, so the student can recognize and acquire the best brands and products for her or his work. Unfortunately, many of the products available in the market are designed to be used by nonprofessionals and for home use only and there are many fake brands. It is sometimes hard to get your hands on truly good quality material.

The student often pays a very high price to buy products only to realize that most of them are useless. In our workshops, we introduce you to a handful of the best products in each category and then teach you the correct way to use them for each type of face so they can make an informed purchase based on their budget, which should be an important point in their decision-making process. After getting better at color mixing and brand recognition, we have our painting workshop. In our painting workshop, we cover all the formulas regarding working with brushes, fading, blading, forming harmonies, and hand speed. We will cover everything you need to convert your hand technique and brushing style from an amateur to something beyond that.

After this, we have our bride makeup workshop where we will show the student different styles of bridal makeup on live models. The student will memorize the style and methods used for each model and then return after a specified period by the student herself, with her own finished bridal makeup results. Our next workshop covers applying makeup basis and skin recognition. When the student is familiar with makeup, he or she should enter the world of skin types and understand that recognizing and applying the right basis for the makeup is a crucial part of his or her work. The student must understand the maintenance required for each skin type, how to consult the clients, what the skin requires and how to nourish it.

Different types of skins have different needs and problems. Skin can be dehydrated, oily, have spots, wrinkles, and require lifting. These procedures take priority over the rest of the process. The questions I am often asked during seminars shows that most of our makeup artists are not good with working and recognizing skins and cannot understand the problems they might have. This is why I decided that I need to have a very professional workshop about skin to answer all your questions about skin problems and requirements.

Our next workshop covers cinematic makeup as well as cosmetic makeup specific to brides and other topics such as eyelash lift and laminate, eyebrow extension, hair extensions, building hairpieces, mustaches, and beards. Our last workshop is our journal and bride makeup albums. I am against using readymade albums provided by other artists. I promise you that you can have your very own professional album even by attending one of the workshops, overseen by our professional instructors. An album where you can cover all the requirements for all preferences for every client you might have made by your own hands for a reasonable price.

My goal is to enable you to implement the best techniques and methods by your own hands and provide the best makeup for everyone. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.

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