Nano Pigmentation Step-by-Step

In this step-by-step tutorial, you are going to see how Nano pigmentation is used to create natural lines or hachures in the eyebrows. Mrs. Dina Taghavi performed this tutorial. If you are interested in joining our classes or require our services please contact us at .


Greetings to all of you who are watching I am Dina Taghavi and today I want to talk to you about Nano Pigmentation technics.

Nano is the thinnest available cartridge in the world today and using it will make your eyebrows look more natural. It can create hair-like pigments and it’s the best and the latest available technic in micro-pigmentation. On the other hand, Nano cartridges are very fragile and have their own use cases. It is not comparable with most other types and technics of micro-pigmentation. You might have heard different names used to describe different pigmentation technics. Such as 3D shading or 3D hachure and natural shading. Nevertheless, Nano pigmentation is unlike any other, and because it is a new technic, most people do not feel comfortable working with it. This is why today I want to talk to you about Nano pigmentation technics.

Nano pigmentation has its own use cases. Most people who ask for Nano pigmentation, or those who are recommended to use Nano pigmentation, are people with naturally good eyebrows. They usually have a very little tattoo or pigmentation left on their eyebrow or are less inclined to use pigmentation with light colors. Although Nano pigmentation is not that dark either. Nano pigmentation is a delicate process and takes much longer compared to other pigmentation methods. It requires special technics. You can also use the same cartridge to do shading or a combination of different methods. Nano pigmentation is also a good method for people who want their pigmentation to look discreet. It is a good choice for women in the working place or even those of you at home.

Here I want to talk to my colleagues who would like to provide Nano pigmentation at the same time with other types of pigmentation. What makes Nano pigmentation distinguishable from other methods is the angle with which the cartridge is held. Hand pressure is another very important factor. The color you use for your Nano pigmentation is also very important. Because of the delicacy of Nano pigmentation, you will have to perform it one more time compared to the other technics.

Because of the incredible delicacy of the cartridge, you can use this method even on eyelashes and more importantly, lower eyelashes, which will look very discreet. It can also be used on the lips. However, it will take a long time and the client or the cosmetics expert will get tired during the process. This is why we do not recommend using this technic on the lips especially for people with darker skins. It is recommended to use this method for eyebrows and eyelashes only. Please stay with me for the rest of the video.

The eyebrow I am working on today hasn’t had any pigmentation work done on it. The client would like to fill the empty or sparse parts of the eyebrow using Nano pigmentation. You must use disinfectants prior to the process. Use an especial skin disinfectant to disinfect the eyebrows. In this video, I’m going to use a string to check my symmetry. For this purpose, I am going to put my string above the nose on the flat part. Also, let us specify the middle line. You can measure the space between the middle line and the two eyebrows with more precision using a coulisse or a ruler. Using a string, you can get up to eighty percent of your measurements, and for the rest, you will have to use other tools. We are going to start measuring the crown of the eyebrow using the string and for below the crown, you have to align your string to reach the outer edge or the tail of the eyebrow. From the bottom of the eyebrow, align your string with the arch of the eyebrow. Align your string from one arch to the other. It is not the right mindset to think that one arch is necessarily aligned with the other. When measurements are done correctly, you can see if there are misalignments. Here you can see that the left eyebrow is a few millimeters above the right one.

Cutting longer hairs from the eyebrow can help reduce color diffusion. Since this work is very delicate, it’s better to cut the extra hair as much as possible.

Based on what the client has asked for, we designed an eyebrow with a flat bottom line. In other words, the curve of the eyebrow must be removed. However, my client can use either an eyebrow with a flat bottom or an eyebrow with a slight lift. Make sure to show the costumer your sterile cartridge to reassure them that the process is hygienic.

Your posture and the way you hold the cartridge and the amount of pressure you apply is of utmost importance. I do not have any special rules when it comes to applying the pigmentation. You should do it whichever way you feel comfortable and yet it is very important to use the cartridge correctly. Sometimes the grain lets you perform the pigmentation from above the eyebrow and sometimes you will have to do it in between the lines. In the beginning, add the main lines until the end and later you can add the secondary lines.

After the first pass is done, I am going to use a type of organic compound that I have made myself to massage the eyebrow. First, it will reduce skin irritation and second, it will help the pigmentation to take effect. It also has anesthetic effects. This is in contrast to the anesthetics that are used in most pigmentations, which will actually reduce or wipe the color from the skin. Massage the eyebrow thoroughly and let it sit for two to three minutes.

We have added the primary lines in keeping with the client’s natural hair growth direction and with the utmost delicacy possible. This was done on the crown, arch and the tail of the eyebrow. Now let's move on to adding our secondary lines and strengthen the primary lines at the crown and at the end of the eyebrow. As you can see all the pigmented lines are added between the hair strands and they are in keeping with the grain.

I hope this video has beenuseful to you. Goodbye.

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