Ombre Dye On Decolored Hair

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how an Ombre dye applied to blond hair. If you’re interested in using Simon products, please contact us at 02188670425.


Greetings. In this tutorial, I want to show you a subcategory of hair highlights, called Ombre dye. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to use a high-quality product from Simon. Stay with us for the rest of the video.

Separate the hair from the front in the form of a triangle. Now start separating the hair diagonally from the back. Tease the hair and start adding the product. Now we want to start teasing the hair. Some clients ask for the ombre line to start closer to the root in which case you have to tease less and closer to the root, and some others would like the ombre line to start farther away from the root in which case you’ll have to tease more hair and stay away from the root. For this tutorial, we want to stay close to the root.

Start teasing the hair from the stem like this. The hair should look something like this. Now tease the next part. To prepare the product we are using for the decoloring, I’m going to use some of Simon products. First, use two scoops of white powder. I use Simon’s decoloring product because it adds shine to the hair and is also very effective in clearing dye from the hair without damaging the hair at all. I’m going to add Oxidant with 9 percent potency. Mix the oxidant and decoloring powder until you get a paste.

Now I want to start adding the product. First put a hair clip here, between the teased and the straight hair. Put the foil under the hair and start adding the product. We’ve added the product and now we have to close the foil and start adding the product to the next part.

Tease this part as the previous one. Add the clips to the hair between the teased and straight hair and then add the product and close the foil. We will do the same for the rest of the hair.

After checking the foils and making sure we have reached the level we want, we’re going to rinse the hair. Remove the product from the hair. I recommend using Simon shampoo because it will open the pigments of the hair and prepares the hair for the dye. For the dye, I’ve chosen the gray color spectrum from Simon products. This will give you the same colors as you see in the catalog, and the colors are bright and shiny.

Some people ask if a dye will change their hair's background color. The answer is no, it will not change. Dye is a diluted and weak color. This dye is mixed with an oxidant, diluted using water, and will in no way affect the background color of the hair. It will only affect the decolored hair.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and get to use and experience Simon products.

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