How To: Removing Wine Color From Hair

In this brief tutorial, you will learn how to remove wine color dye from hair. This video was provided by Mrs. Nazanin Jafari.


Greetings. I’m Nazanin Jafari. I’m a hair expert and instructor. The tutorial I have conducted here for you is removing and clearing wine colored dye from hair.

Those of you who have wine colored dye must know that there’s no color that can be applied to your hair without first removing the current dye using decoloring or bleaching material. The steps to bleaching your hair for a new dye includes adding the bleaching material to the hair stem. To increase the speed of this process, I’m going to use foils. I’ll put the hair inside the foil and then apply the bleaching material to the hair, similar to highlighting. The foil is then wrapped up and we have to wait for the bleach to take effect.

You have to keep checking the hair to make sure the hair isn’t damaged. This process will remove all of the dye from the hair. Other than removing material, you can also use decoloring material. You can add the material to the hair and then wash the hair using a shampoo. Next, you have to dry the client’s hair and after that, a new dye can be applied. I usually use gray colors. This is because, after dye removal, you will have a yellow background color left on the hair. To neutralize the yellow on the hair, you can use gray or olive colors. This is of course if the client prefers cold colors, but if the client prefers warmer colors, we can use honey or caramel colors. These will result in a desirable color.

This concludes our tutorial fortoday. Thank you for watching.

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