How To: Covering Your Highlighted Hair

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn the best way to cover highlighted hair. This video was provided by Mrs. Nazanin Jafari.


Greetings. I’m Nazanin Jafari. I’m a hairstyle expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about covering highlights.

Let’s separate the hair first. To cover our highlights, we have to start at the back of the head. Separate the hair from one ear to the other. Hold a layer of the hair and start applying your dye. Start at the top until you reach the bottom. Massage the hair with your hand to make sure the formula covers the whole hair.

Start at the back and continue until you reach the front. Wait 45 minutes and then wash the hair and check your dye. Massage the hair with your hand. Keep in mind that you can’t cover highlights using lighter colors. You must use darker shades of color and natural ones. Although this also depends on your client’s preference and what color tone they want to be applied to their hair. Keep going like this until all the hair has been covered. Give it 45 minutes to affect the hair. Rinse and wash the hair and use a hair mask and dry.

I hope this video has been usefulto you. Until next time, goodbye.

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