How To: New Hair Braid

In this tutorial, you will learn a new hair braid style.


Greetings. I am Maryam Ebrahimpour. I am a hairstyle, chignon, and braiding expert and instructor. I am here on with a braiding tutorial.

Separate one layer of hair. Put your hand firmly underneath the layer and separate it into three parts. Braid one line of the hair by adding an extra layer of hair to the braid. Hold it tightly with your hand and bring the other layer on top of this one. Now braid the hair. Take another part of the hair and braid it. I put the next layer in the middle, and I will add a layer to the left and then add it to the top. I will pick another layer and do another braid.

We can either also add layers to the left, or we can do it only on the right. This means we can either put the left layer inside the braid or we can add new layers of hair to the left side and then add it to the braid. We will pull our hand backward because we want to bring it on the hair. For the last part also pull your hand back a little and then braid. So far, we added the new layers to the right, and from now on, we will add them from the left.

Let’s separate a section from the next layer and then braid it. Take another layer, put it on the top, and pull the braid upward to avoid making it diagonal. Make sure the braid is straight at this point. Add another layer. Just remember that we should pull this braid upward here because otherwise, you will have a diagonal braid. We aim to go one more time around the head. Braid the hair one more time.

The braid ends here. We can end the process here and just add decorative flowers to the hair, or we can go another round, but this time add the layers from the right. Let’s start braiding from the right. Hold your hand straight and upward to make sure the braid does not get diagonal. We can avoid the ribbons and just braid the hair with decorative flowers inside. I just wanted to show you how you could include ribbons and other decorative items in your braid.

We can finish the process right here, or go another round. We will finish the braid here by going all the way until the end of the hair layer. We can role the end of the layer like this and use a hairpin to fix the hair right here. I will braid this part as well and wrap it around the other braid and then use hairpins to fix them.

This concludes our braid tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this video. To join our classes from beginner to advanced, please contact us at the numbers available in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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