How To: Men’s Easy Undercut Style

In this tutorial, a popular men’s haircut is taught. The steps are as it follows:
1- Trimming the hair around the head up to above the ears. ( we use 1.5 , 2.5 and 3.5 combs for this step)
2- To trim the hair on the top part, scissors are used instead of a trimmer.
3- The hair on the crown part is cut shorter than the front and should be cut longer as we move on towards the hairline.


I'm gonna start the trimming with a 1.5 comb, then with 2.5 and 3.5 combs. I'll use the 1.5 one to go from the bottom up to a little above the ears. well, as you see, I've trimmed up to here with the 1.5, then use the 2.5 and 3.5 to go a little further up. Then I put the 3 1/4 comb to trim this top section all around the head. from now on, I'm gonna use the scissors to cut the hair in the back to nearly 3.5 cm and leave the hair in the front a bit longer. as you can see, the hair in the back is trimmed uniformly to a certain length. now grab a layer of hair between two fingers like this and start scissoring it depending on your client's head shape. repeat the same procedure for the rest until the crown part of head. in this part, you shouldn't comb the hair upwards for those having hair whorls on the back, but instead follow the natural growth of hair while combing and trimming.

As I already said, the hair must be 3.5 cm long in this area, and it should grow longer as we move further forward. as we move on to the front part, hold the layer end horizontally between your fingers while scissoring. once we've reached the front, pull the layers up then, slightly backwards. Then, we should comb the hair downwards to make sure it matches the hair on the edges of this section. while you're on the edges, you need to hold your hand at a higher angle so that the centre is cut a bit longer than the edges. you can sometimes change your position to have a better control on the head. Then use the tip of the scissors to form the hair, then use jagged scissors to thin it out a little bit. now, I'll apply some hair wax to style the hair like this.

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