How to Wax Your Leg

In this video, you can learn how to use warm wax to remove unwanted hair. This video is brought to you by


First, to reduce pain and the pull sensation on the skin, you can apply a type of talcum powder or baby powder to the skin. The key to a good wax is separating the area into smaller parts and also paying attention to the direction of hair growth.

Apply a thin layer of wax in the same direction as the hair growth and put the pad on the are. Here I will separate this area into three smaller parts. Put the tape on the wax and apply a little pressure to make sure the pad has stuck to the wax. This pressure can help remove the hair completely. Now pull the pad off in one move. After you pull the pad, you might experience some skin irritation. You can gently press on the skin to reduce the pain.

Continue with the process. Apply the pad to the skin, rub the pad on the wax to create cohesion and then pull it off in one fast move. Continue the same process until the top of the leg.

Fold the pad to hide the used area. Always pay attention to the direction of the hair growth. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and pull the path in the opposite direction. Always pay attention to the direction of the hair growth. You can use your palm or your fingers to apply the pressure to the pad. Keep in mind that the faster you pull the pad off, the less pain you will experience. After the waxing process is done, use some oil and massage the area.

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