How To: Acne Treatment With Aromatherapy

In this tutorial, we talk about skin treatment using different devices with Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy techniques. This video was provided by Oxin Teb Skin Clinic. To join our classes, please contact us at


Greetings. I am Nadia Bagheri. I am a skincare expert and instructor from Oxin Teb Skin Clinic. Today I want to talk to you about Aromatherapy and phytotherapy. My client suffers from acne and spots on the surface of her skin.

Here, we intend to use a newly developed technique using a combination of Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy to treat three different types of skin defects in one session. Today I will use anti-acne medicine and other medicines to treat the dark spots. Besides, the skin has become very sensitive and dry and I want to treat all four problems in this session. First, I want to clean the eyes. I can use a dual-phase makeup cleaner specific to eyes and lips to remove any remaining makeup from the eyes. Use another pad, split it into four parts, and clean the lips part by part using this pad.

We can use suitable skin milk, foam, or gel to clean the skin professionally. Clean the surface of the skin as well, because there might be makeup on the skin and.
We have to make sure the skin is completely clean. We intend to perform a skin cleansing process using Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy. We can use two wet sponges to remove the product after cleaning with direct movements. Now that the skin is clean from any makeup, we can use a suitable skin toner. Toners are a great choice for a final skin cleansing process because they can perform a deep skin cleansing and stabilize the skin PH.

I used a suitable toner for their skin, which will balance the skin PH levels and remove any existing makeup residue meaning it has cleansing qualities as well as medical ones. After cleaning the skin, I want to use a skin scrub device. This device will scrub the skin to remove the dead skin cells from the surface. The device has a container, which you can fill with medical products, and it will spray it out and perform great fumigation for the skin, which can help the scrubbing process. The skin scrubber will remove the dead skin cells completely.

This device can have three effects on the skin by removing the dead skin cells, cleaning the skin, and fumigating it. Since the fumigation is performed as the same time with the scrubbing process, you will not need to fumigate the skin separately and you will be able to use medical material mixtures in the container and spray them on the skin. If you sense that the fumigation is too much or you prefer not to have fumigation, you can disable it and use the ultrasonic ability alone. As you all know, ultrasonic waves are very useful in stimulating collagen generation and age-reduction. After scrubbing the skin, let’s apply the material to it for absorption.

After skin cleansing and scrubbing the skin,
We want to massage the skin because it can increase blood circulation and help with the skin absorb the material. Therefore, it is crucial to have massage therapy for this process because blood circulation will increase and therefore increase the absorption ability of the skin. We teach different types of messaging technics in our classes, including messages for faces that require lifting, messages for oily skins, massages to remove wrinkles. As you know, massages can form the skin and lift it. It can also open skin pores and help with absorption. Perform rotational and directional movements. Do not forget to massage the eyes, which is very useful to remove the wrinkles on the corners.

It is time to apply the products to the skin for absorption. I want to use Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy products, which include very powerful essential oil. I can only use forty drops of the oils and four drops of the essences. For this skin, I want to use oil number one, number four, and number five. These include moisturizers, acne removers, and the last one, which is a stabilizer for oily skin. Therefore, I aim to treat four different skin issues in one session. I will use these essences in a mixture but will not apply it to her skin directly. You just mix them with a facemask before applying them to her skin. I have mixed forty drops of my oils and four drops of the essences with a facemask in my bowl and now I can apply it to her face. As I said, you cannot apply the oils and essences to the face directly, and you will have to mix them with the facemask, which is provided especially for this type of mixture when you purchase the oils.

These materials will moisturize the skin, remove acne, stabilize the skin oil, and reduce sensitivity and inflammation. I can use this device to apply ultrasonic waves to help with absorbing the material. The device I am holding here is known as a cavitation device. I can enable the ultrasonic feature and use it although this device can perform six different tasks. You can use it to help with skin absorption, LED therapy, Ionization to help absorb hydro-dermic gels, and it can also be used to lift the skin or reduce the size of the face, and can also be used for intense facial massages. The cavitation device provided red and blue LED lights, which you can choose, based on the skin defect you want to treat.

Make sure the client is wearing the special eye covers so the UV does not irritate the eyes. Since my client has acne, I will use the blue UV first, and then I will use the red UV lights to help with absorbing the material. Let’s choose positive ionization and start working with rotational movements. This device can be used for face and body. You can use EMS pads, use it with this device, and massage the face and special parts to use for forming and lifting the facial muscles. It can be used to lift the biceps and belly slightly as well. Traditionally, we had to use our hands to massage the skin for better absorption, which caused some of the material to get absorbed, by our own hands. Today we can use these devices for a much better absorption process and increase the effects of the process.

Most of the salons use these devices and skin therapist all know how to use them. In this stage of the process, I want to use my seven-in-one device, which can perform seven different skin therapy procedures. It can help with skin whitening and removing acne and if you do not have access to the previous device, you can use this device with the blue UV settings to help with absorbing the material. This device also uses ultrasonic waves and you can use the skin-cleansing feature of the device, nutrition settings to help absorb the material, whitening to whiten the skin, and you can even engage the lifting feature, which can be used, in combination with other features of the device.

Now let’s put a sterile gauze on the client’s face and use this algae facemask to help absorb the material further. This facemask comes as a powder and you can mix it with some water to turn in an almost diluted creamy mixture and then apply it to the face. You can apply this mask all across the face, but make sure, if your client has a phobia, leave the eyes and mouth uncovered. After applying the material, wait for fifteen to twenty minutes and then easily remove the latex mask when it is dry. After twenty minutes, the mask is completely dry and latex-like and now I can remove the mask. This sterile gauze helps you remove the mask easier.

As you can see, nothing is remaining on the face anymore. I can use a sponge to remove the residues from the mask. In the end, I will use a moisturizing and anti-spot sunscreen. If you are interested, you can join our three-day-long classes to learn all there is to know about skin treatment from beginner to advance. We will talk about skin anatomy, skin recognition, introduction to brands, and provide hands-on experience. You can also join our one-day workshops for those who are already familiar with skin therapy or want to add a new line to their work. For more information, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description or visit our website oxinteb.

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