How To: Homemade Face Scrubs

In this video from, we will show you how to make two easy and effective homemade facemasks.


Greetings to everyone watching Today, we want to talk to you about two natural facemasks.

For our first mask, we need active coal and some glue. We use organic glue for this mask. Pour some of your ground active coal into a bowl and add some glue to it. Then use a brush to apply the material to your face. Let this mask remain on your face for twenty minutes until it is dry. Now remove the facemask from your tissue slowly. After removing the mask, you will notice how soft your skin has become. If you look at the mask closely, you will see small white dots. These dots are the dead skin cells, which the mask helped, remove from your skin.

We make our second mask using gelatin and eggs. We need half a cup of green tea, extracted juice from a lemon, and two packs of gelatin. We add the gelatin to our green tea and lemon mixture. For this mask, we use clear, unscented gelatin. Mix the material together thoroughly. For this mask, you need two egg whites. Mix the egg whites with the rest of the mixture. Use a clean brush to apply the material to your face. Remove the mask from your face after ten minutes and then wash your face.

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