Haircut With Electric Scissors

In this educational video you will see how to do a short haircut.


Today we teach you how to do haircut by electrical scissors in Noghre Negar salon.

Divide the hair into 4 equal parts and as you see, separate the hair from the back of the head
after cutting for the guide layer
take the layers and follow the first pattern for cutting
follow the triangle shape and layer by layer divide the hair and cut according to the guide layer you have from the back of the head
after the back of the head is done with cutting, divide the front hair as you see here from back towards face
comb the hair to the back of the head, as you see the front hair is longer than the hair in the back
the next layers should be cut accordingly and all the next layers should be cut accordingly
divide the last layer into 2 parts and symmetrically cut them according to the pattern
the advantage of these scissors is that your hand will not bend a lot and you can use them more easily because of its blade
your wrist will not turn back and twist and you will not get arthritis even if you do a lot of haircuts throughout time
also you can do the haircut much faster.

These scissors can do the job of electrical razor too, you can cut and style more easily and faster
by these scissors you can cut the base so that you add a volume to the hair easily.

I hope you have enjoyed this video if you are interested in joining classes you can call us.

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