How To: File The Nails Properly

You must learn a few techniques for filing nails so that you won’t end up with a badly-shaped nail despite putting remarkable effort into it. Therefore, in the following video some useful tips are provided. You need to use both electric and manual file during the nail shaping.
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Hello everyone, I'm a nail technician from Kimia beauty salon. Today I'm gonna teach you how to file the nails properly. so keep watching. well, now we wanna begin filing after applying materials. the first thing to do is use the manual file to remove any material left on the nail's edges. well, we've made an initial shape for the nail. the next, I'll go over the corners. I'll use the electric file for the corners of the nail. Then, put a thin bit to remove the material that might be under the cuticle. the next is filing the nail plate which we'll do it by the e-file with a sand bit. set the file to a low speed or it will burn the client's hand. now it comes to using the manual file to reshape the nail.

Start filing from the sidewalls, be careful not to file one side shorter than the other. hold the nail upright, because if you look at it from this angle you're able to notice which side needs more filing. turn it back to the previous position to further file it into shape. now go over the nail plate to shape it with filing. after filing, try to look at the nail from every angle. from the sides.
. from above. remove any material residue that you see. For the nail base, you need to file it to be thin enough so that it doesn't annoy the client's hand till they come for the correction session. the final step after filing is the using the buffer. buffer helps to have a smooth and shiny nail. well, we're done with the filing and buffing the nail plate.

We can also do a gel polish to the nail to give it a glossy effect before we finish our treatment. well, I'm gonna gel polish this nail. actually, there are three ways to do a gel polish on natural nail or false nail, what I'm about to do now is gel polish for false nail. the first step is apply a thin layer. be very careful not to touch the cuticle. well, I've put this thin a layer of polish, now I'll place it in the UV device for 30 secs. now I'll apply as thin a polish layer as the first one and leave it in the device for 30 seconds. well, we've put two layers of gel polish on the surface, now it comes the top coat to complete the polishing. start from the base. it must be as thin as the previous layers. cover the whole nail plate. finish the top coat by covering the sidewalls. insert it in the device for 120 seconds. well, we're done with the whole process of filing and polishing here, I hope you have found it useful for your needs. To attend our classes in the KImia beauty salon, please dial the numbers provided. Thanks a lot for watching.

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