How To: Maintaining Dry Skin

In this tutorial, we will explain the correct way to maintain and protect your dry and damaged skin. This video is provided by Mrs. Shaghayegh Ghanbari. For more information or to join our classes, please contact us at or .


Greetings. I’m Shaghayegh Ghanbari. I’m the administration at Shaghayegh Beauty Academy and Micro-pigmentation and skin care expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about methods for keeping your dry skin healthy.

How should we find out if our skin is dry?
Dry skin gets flaky and you feel a tightening on your skin. On some people, red and coarse spots appear on the skin, which could itch as well. Dry skin is thin and you can see very thin lines on it as well. These thin lines can turn into wrinkles if the skin isn’t attended to properly.

The factors that can contribute to dryness of your skin are direct contact with sunlight, frequent washing using soap and water, and even being in contact with very hot or cold weather. Because of the heating and air conditioning equipment often used in houses during the winter, the humidity in the environment decreases significantly and can have a severe effect on skin dryness since your skin also loses its moisture. To reduce the risk of sickness, people wash more often. Drinking too much coffee can also drain the water in your body. This is why we always recommend people to drink enough water and use cold fumigation at nights. Reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower. This time shouldn’t exceed ten minutes. Don’t shower with hot water and instead opt for lukewarm water.

Be careful about the detergents you use, especially when it comes to washing your face. For good detergents for dry skin, we can recommend skin-cleansing milk, which is a water-in-oil emulsion. These products can remove the oil from makeup product off your skin without removing the natural skin oil. Another recommended product is cleansing cream. These products are thicker than cleansing milk products, and besides removing the oil from makeup products, they will have a slight softening effect on the skin. Another product you can use is a lotion, which has different types for different skin types. For dry skin, it’s better to use a non-alcoholic lotion product. Finally, there are soaps. The type of soap you use is very important. I recommend acidic soaps that don’t change or damage skin PH, or fatty soaps that suit dry skin.

Make sure to use a moisturizer after cleaning your skin. It’s better if you apply your moisturizer on damp skin. This will form a layer on the skin, which can increase the absorption rate of the product. Finally, whatever method you use to care for your skin, it’s crucial that you follow a routine or a predefined cycle which you can stick to.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and it has been useful to you. If you’re interested in concepts of skin care, I invite you to join our classes.

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