How To: Hair Extension With Hot Fusion Method

Whether you are prioritizing ease of installation or durability, there is an extension out there that will suit your needs. Hot fusion hair extensions are one of the many solutions available to you.
To begin the process, form as many bunches of hair as you need in the thickness of your interest, then apply the melted keratin to sections ends. Keep in mind that all strand ends must be covered with keratin, otherwise the extension hair falling is more likely to occur after a while.
After that, use the pliers to press seal the keratin-treated ends of the extensions. This method is also known as Nail Hair extension. In the next step, the extension bunches are placed on the natural hair near the scalp to be bonded gently with the help of heat and the adhesive keratin substance.
Below, you can watch a tutorial containing a full instruction of this extension method. To sign up for classes provided by Mehr-E-Jaan institute, please dial the phone numbers available.


Hello everyone, I'm Marjan Balalian from Mehr-E-Jan beauty salon. Today I'm gonna show you how to have hair extensions using keratin hot fusion, stay tuned. First cut a bunch of fine natural hair and divide it into sections with the desired thickness. after the keratin is melted down, start applying it to the section ends. be careful not to let any air bubbles while applying the keratin, otherwise it will cause hair sections to fall down after a short while. after applying the keratin, use the pliers to compress it well. This method is called Nail Hair extension (hot fusion) which gives a pretty delicate result. This makes you do it much more quickly comparing to LOOF extension irons.

It's a good option for installing large number of hair bunches like 200 and more. now after I'm done with the keratin, I'll use the cutter to cut the tips so that we have uniform ends. just like this. separate the whole hair as you like, then start grabbing sections in your desired thickness. and now begin the installation process. note that the extensions must be attached to the sections without any gap right underneath the hairline. This method is a great alternative to hair highlight for those who don't like to use bleaching material. as you see, the extension bunches are finely added to the natural sections. many may wonder if this extension method is damaging to hair or not.

The answer is if it's applied correctly based on principles will cause no damage to the hair. However, It shouldn't remain on hair for more than a certain period, the repair session comes after 1.5 to 3 months. If you let it stay longer than that, it will cause tangles and damages even though it seems to be remaining on the head. therefor, the post-installation care is much more important. about post-installation care, we usually recommend the clients using extension brushes. start twisting it while having rest, never leave the scalp to be wet cause the moisture makes the keratin become inflated which shortens the life of the extension. also it's very essential to use extension masks after installation. ver well, this extension process is over now, I do hope you've loved it. To join our instruction classes, you can dial the numbers provided, Thanks for watching.

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