Laser Hair Extension Step-by-Step

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Greetings. I’m Shabnam Hazrati. I have ten years of experience working with hair extensions.

Today we want to talk to you about a concept called Laser Hair Extension. I’ll explain all the steps of this process. Let’s get started.

First of all, I want to talk about hair segmentation, because some clients might want to have this done with a limited number of extensions. Therefore, there should be a careful hair segmentation so you can know exactly where you have to add the extension and also keep the correct spacing between each extension. We want to have the extensions all over the hair equally.

If someone with hair similar to my model wants to have the extension done to increase the volume and also the length of the hair,
Then you have to work on the top of the head in a circle. Split the hair and then following the arch of the eyebrow we can separate a batch of hair. This is if the volume of the client’s hair is enough so we can add the extensions without them showing at all.

For the back of the hair when you want to separate the hair, you have to be careful to only separate the hair after you’ve gone below the bump in the skull. This is to avoid the top of the hair where the extension would be much easier to spot. This is an important point worth mentioning every time.

We’re going to separate the other batch on the side from the arch of the eyebrow too. So far you’ve seen how we’re supposed to separate the hair in order to proceed with adding the extensions. Now we’re going to wrap the hair in a ball completely. The hair shouldn’t be loose or teased in a way that it would cover the line where the hair was separated. The line here should be completely visible. This is to prevent knots when adding the extensions.

As you can see, we’ve separated the hair in a line exactly above the arch of the eyebrow. Usually, ladies who want laser extension done on their hair want it to be well hidden from view. This is to better hide the extensions from plain view. Separate one-third of the hair covering the ear and push it aside. Ladies like their hair to be done delicately and with style. It’s also important because some people have thinner hair. The amount of hair we want to use to add the extension depends on the type of the client’s hair. If the client has very thin hair, then you can separate more hair. If the hair is thicker, you can take much less. Remember to separate the hair in a line. If you have a hairextension which weights one gram, then the batch of hair you choose must be half a gram of hair. This will be enough for the hair to be able to stand the extra weight of the extension.

As you can see here, I’ve picked half a gram of hair. I try to straighten the hair. Now we’re going to use a type of plastic cover. These are special extension plugs to help do a clear extension produced by “She”. This cover will help keep the rest of the hair separate from the batch. It will take longer but will increase the quality of the work. Separate the hair and use a clips to fix the extension cover. The hair we’re going to use can be of different colors which I’m going to tell you about later. I’ve chosen a color very close to the model head’s haircolor. We’re only adding a hundred extensions and we have to add it all around the head to add volume.

All the extensions on this board weight exactly one gram. There are very small tips which are of the same color as the hair and barely visible. When using an extension make sure the tips are the same color as the extension itself.

As you can see here, the amount of hair we separated is almost half the amount of the hair on one extension. We can add these extensions within one millimeter of the root. You can add the extension above or below the hair. Which way you add the extension depends on what you've learned and what you're comfortable with. However, here we’re going to add the extension on top. When we add the extension, use the device to press the tip for ten seconds and then release and repeat the process. After this, use both fingers to roll the extension around the hair. Don’t twist or turn the hair, just squeeze the tip of the extension and roll it gently around the batch.

The next extension should be added with one centimeter of space from the previous extension. Don’t add the extensions too close to the previous one. Do the same for the next batch of hair. Separate a batch, fix it inside the cover and add the extension. After we’ve added the extension all around the hair, we can move into another line and continue adding them. We’ve added our extensions here.

A laser hairextension can last for 3 to 6 months. That is if the extension is made of natural hair, which they must be. After hair growth, you can open the extensions and have them added again in the correct places. You can still use the same shampoo you used before. But I just want to remind you to use serum, conditioner, and moisturizers on the hair. These are actual hair and just like your own hair, need to be tended to. Close or braid your hair at night. Use special extension comb on your hair. Brush your hair before taking a shower. You can also have a professional brush your hair once a month. If you wear some sort of veil or cover your hair, make sure to braid or wrap your hair. These are generally what you have to do to take care of your hair. Also, make sure to use actual hair for extensions.

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