How To: Mico Beads Hair Extension

In this brief tutorial, we provide a short overview of different methods used to add hair extensions. The latest method for extending hair is using Micro Beads. Here a complete how-to is provided on using Micro Beads to add hair extensions by Mrs. Molaeyan from Banoo Shafi’e beauty salon.


Greetings. I’m Mitra Molaeyan and today I want to teach you how to do hair extensions.

Hair extension is the process of adding and extending your hair to increase its length and volume. Hair extension can be performed by different methods. The basic methods include braiding, glue, knots and other methods such as using lasers. The latest method which can even be used for extending bangs is called micro which I’m going to show you now.

First, separate a very small and thin layer of hair. Our micros look like very small beads. We use a special tool to add the micro to the hair. Put the bead inside the tool and then pull the hair through it. The micro-bead enters the hair. In this method, there’s no pull on the hair and very little extra weight is added and won’t damage the hair. Use a plier to fix the bead.

Using this method you have the advantage to add the extension even to the front of the hair without it showing. Pick another small batch of hair and pull it through the tool after adding the bead. Next, add the extension to the bead and fix it. We’ve extended the hair as much as we like. Now, we can move to the next part.

The micro-beads are available at different colors so you can use the color that matches your natural hair. We do the extension with natural hair.

I hope to see you in our classes soon.

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