How To: Bleach Your Hair Without Damage

In this brief tutorial, we’ll teach you how to bleach your hair using Val var products. To order Val var products contact us at and to join our classes, contact us at .


Greetings. I’m Anousha Shafi’e from Shaygan Shokooh Institute. Today I want to talk to you about a new technique usually used in front of the head and for the bangs called Money Pieces. We also want to explain how to reach your preferred level of bleach when using decoloring powders.

I’m sure you’ve seen this before, where during an Ombre dye the highlights in front of the hair are too close to the root. To separate the hair pick a layer in the center of the bangs in the shape of a triangle. Continue the line and separate the hair on both sides of the hair growth line. You have to put the two layers on the side inside a foil, the same way you do with any foil highlight, without separating layers of hair. The hair in the middle of the bangs can be separated into two or three parts and then put inside a foil. I’ll go through the process so you can see.

If we want to reach the level of bleach we want without damaging the client’s hair,
Then we have to pay attention to a few key points. We want the client to have healthy hair and not to damage the hair with the bleach. Decoloring a hair takes time and you shouldn’t try to do it fast. Using powerful decoloring material will dry the cortex and you’ll end up with a weak and weightless hair which will never reach the intended degree of bleach. You should start with weaker oxidant solutions. For example, if you have a thin and soft hair, use a 6 percent oxidant solution and a white decoloring powder.

After you reach a level 7 for bleach at which stage the hair looks yellow, you can use Val var’s anti-red oxidant in combination with blue decoloring powder. You should be patient when working with formula and decoloring material, and the client must be convinced that the goal is not just to make them look more beautiful, but also to keep them healthy.

Add some product to your foil. Remember, the thinner the hair layer is, the sooner you will reach the intended level of bleach. Make sure to choose a thin layer of hair and don’t add too much product on the foil to avoid leakage. Add the product to the foil as if you are brushing the hair. You can also use re-usable foils of Golden Meche, which can be washed, are resistant to tearing and generate heat. Since they are re-usable, you can wash them and use them again for you next client. Wrap your foil and use another foil for the next layer of hair. Hold the hair tight with your left hand and use your right hand to apply the material on the hair. We’re using Val var’s decoloring powder and green oxidant which is completely plant-based. You can use plant-based oxidants for situations when you are more concerned about the hair.

Wrap the foil now. I don’t bend the foil on the horizontally because it can break the hair and create red lines as well. We’ll do the same on the other side of the face and apply our product. We should separate the hair in the front until the crown and do the same on the side of the ears. The technique you use depends on the hairstylist. You can go for an Ombre or baby light. You can choose any technique you like for your Ombre and finally, you’ll rinse the hair. The front of the hair and the bangs will be decolored from the root and the rest of the hair will look like and Ombre and will be a little farther from the root.

As I told you at the beginning of the tutorial, the bangs, and the sides will be highlighted from the root. In order to reapply the product after twenty to thirty minutes, you can use the blue decoloring powder and anti-red oxidant solution both from Val var. I promise you will get the level of bleach you are looking for. During this tutorial, I tried to advise you about keeping healthy hair during the bleaching process, as well as teaching you this new technique.

I hope you enjoy Val var product. Until next time, goodbye.

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