Correct Contouring For Facial Makeup

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn more about applying highlights and shadows to your face during facial makeup. This video was provided by Grimas Academy. To order Grimas products contact us at 0912 6954939 And to call our academic center please contact us at 021 49163000.


Today we want to talk about highlights and shadows. To do this, we will use D8 and Special makeup cream. We will also use M and MS family of brushes.

We mix our preferred colors based on the color of the client’s skin. Now apply the highlights and shadows based on different areas on the face. It’s better to use a highlight next to each shadow. This creates a contrast on the skin and gives the face more volume in the areas we want.

The best way to apply highlights and shadows is to use warmer colors in your highlights because it creates more volume. Use colder colors in your shadows to make those areas less visible. As you can see, I put the highlights and shadows next to each other and use a pad to face them together until there’s no visible line between them.

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