Causes Of Hair Dryness & Fragility

In this tutorial, you will learn more about the reasons behind hair dryness and fragility. This tutorial was provided by sharareh vahedi Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at 09198486797,


Greeting and thank you for being with us at Shokoofe Baran Beauty Academy. We want to talk to you about dryness and fragility of hair after dye.

You all know that healthy hair has cuticles on the surface that are generally resting upon each other in an orderly fashion. When we perform a dye or bleach, we use a chemical to open these cuticles to remove the pigments and inject new pigments into the hair.

The process of decoloring and dye can cause the cuticles to lose their original closeness and stand apart from each other. This is more severe after the bleaching process. During both of these processes, the cuticles become disordered and stand apart from each other. This causes the hair to become dry and fragile and lose some of its cortex and protein content. Every chemical procedure intensifies this effect. It’s crucial to recover the hair after these processes as well as during. To achieve this goal you can use masks, special dermal shampoos, or therapy.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We hope to see you all in our classes. Until next time, goodbye.

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