How To: Loose Up-do Chignon

In this tutorial, you will see a loose updo chignon. This tutorial is provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Academy.


Greetings. We’re here with a loose updo chignon hairstyle from Noghre Negar Beauty Academy.

This chignon is a loose updo chignon that is very common these days and many people are asking for it. Many techniques are used to do this chignon. I’ve separated the hair prior to this video. We’ve separated the hair starting at the line from the arch of the eyebrow and the size of a palm of the hand from the hairline towards the crown.

Separate a layer of hair from the back and wrap it using a hairband. Put this part on the top of the head and fix it with a hair clip. Start working on the layers below. Brush the hair and add some hair cream. Add some more hair cream and brush the hair again and they apply styling spray. Make sure to brush the hair after each time you apply some product. Pin the hair loosely and pull a few lines of the hair out. As you can see, I’ve used hairpins to fix this part of the hair. We have to do the same style of separation for hair layers on both sides. Apply some hair cream, brush the hair, and fix it.

The bangs are going to be styled up. I’ll separate the hair like this in a straight line from both sides. Hold the hair, push it slightly forward and start creating lines on the surface. I’ll use hairpins to fix it. Let’s move to the hair on the side. It mostly depends on the volume of hair on your model. If you have a high volume of hair, you can separate this part into two smaller ones. I’ve separated the hair in a direct line here. Let’s add some hair cream and brush the hair again. Hold the hair loosely. Create lines on the hair using your hand and then fix the hair using a hairpin. Use hair cream in order to form the lines better and then apply some styling spray.

After we’re done working on this part, we have to move to the next part on the other side. I’m going to do the same type of styling on the other side of the hair. I’ve created a prosthetic with the hair we had left on the back and fixed it on the top. Now let’s work on the ponytail. Separate some of the hair and brush it. For this model, you can’t use too much styling spray or hair cream. Twist the hair slightly and put it around the prosthetic. Now use your fingers to pull out some of the twists. You can use hair sticks to hold it in place and work on the lines some more. The more you work on these lines the better they will look.

As you can see here, we’ve done the right part of the hair. We’ve twisted the hair, wrapped it around the prosthetic and loosened up the twists with our hand and hair sticks were used to hold them down. Let’s move on to the next part. Brush the hair and twist it. Put it up on the prosthetic and loosen the twists. Use hair sticks to fix them in place. We can use hairpins to fix some parts. These can be removed at the end of the process.

I’ve completed the work on the back of the head with loosened twists. Now let’s remove the hair sticks. First, apply some styling spray, add a few touch-ups here and there, and start removing the sticks. If removing the sticks will ruin the work, use hairpins in their place. We’ve finished our work. I hope you like this chignon. We hope to see you at Noghre Negar Beauty Academy soon.

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