How To: Plain Top Bun Chignon Style

To get started, separate a 4-finger wide section from the front. Gather the section on the crown part to make a ponytail using a hair elastic.
Then, twist the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic so that it’s fully hidden. For the front part, you can choose what to do with it based on your wish. To decorate the chignon bun, natural flowers are used in this tutorial. But you can use your favorite type of accessary on this part.
To learn more about this style, you can watch the video below. To join the instruction courses provided by Soorati beauty salon, please dial the numbers available.


Hello to every one of you followers of Rojelab website, I'm a chignon expert in Soorati beauty salon. Today I'm here with a top bun chignon model, so stay tuned with us. as you already might know, we must first separate a four-finger wide section in the front. Then secure this section in place on the top. well, as you see, I've secure it on the top, now I'll go on to do the chignon. straighten out the section and split it into two parts. apply some cream and then spread the strands a bit. twist it around once and pull it around the elastic. now do the same for the other section, apply the cream, brush and twist it once. put around the previous section and tie it with a pin.

For the front part, you can choose to apply whatever model you'd like, as this chignon is a somewhat simple top bun model, I prefer a plain model for the front. make a parting to either side and start teasing it a little. after teasing it, try to straighten it out using either cream or anything else, I'll use the cream. now hold them in place tightly with a pin. well, I've brought this section over the bun and use your fingers to give it a light textured effect. and tuck the ends under the bun. apply the spray to get it fixed. well, now I'm gonna make a kind of wavy effect for the bangs on the front. you can do anyway as you wish for this part.

Separate a small bunch from here, twist it once and start adding further bunches to it. after completing the bangs, bring the rest of the hair up right ahead of the bun, and pull it a bit out. apply the hairspray. well, for what's left here, we can either just secure it behind the bun or make a small flower shape with it. I'd like to just leave it behind the chignon. well guys, this is what we call as a plain chignon style for those who are into plain styles. I preferred to use natural flowers foe decoration, you may use any other accessory you feel best fits. To receive our beauty services or to attend our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided. Thanks a lot for watching us.

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