Benefits Of Micro-Scalp Pigmentation Treatment

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn more about micro-scalp pigmentation as a way to treat baldness. This video was provided by Mrs. Iramlou.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Iramlou and I’m a scalp pigmentation expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about baldness. Something that might concern many of you.

Baldness or hair fall could happen for many reasons. One of the most important causes is androgen. An androgenic imbalance is caused by hormone or hormone disorders. This is common in both men and women. There are also other reasons, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immune system disorders like alopecia areata, diencephalon, and psoriasis. In addition, other causes of hair fall or baldness are infections. These include bacterial infections, microbe infections, and virus infections.

Other types of hair fall could be caused by nutrition deficiencies or strict food regiments. Anemia could also cause intense hair fall. Mental health issues could also intensify hair fall. For example, some people pull on their hair when anxious or agitated. Hair fall could also be caused by contact pulling on hair because of extensions or wrapping your hair tightly with hairbands.

There are different types of treatment for hair fall and it could work for some people, but many don’t get a satisfactory result from chemical or drug treatments and have to deal with baldness or hair fall and look for other solutions. One of the methods that could prove helpful for people dealing with hair fall or baldness is micro-scalp treatment. In micro-scalp treatment, we cover the empty or thin areas of the scalp using organic and plant based pigments.

The method works by injecting the surface of the tissue with these organic and biocompatible pigmentations using a special device. The pigments look like natural hair follicles. Indeed, what this method aims to do is to stimulate hair follicles and root between your natural hairs, where the hair has become thin. This method can also act as a medical aid since the device stimulates blood flow and increases growth factors as it injects the pigments into the skin. It can even reinforce hair roots.

One of the main advantages of this process is that it will show full results in one session. During the session that usually takes four to five hours, the whole area of the scalp will be covered. It does not include a convalescence period, and you don’t need to cut your hair prior to the process. There’s no scars, bleeding, or inflammation. It’s a method that many people have used and welcomed. They have more self-esteem and are satisfied with the results.

I hope this tutorial has been useful to you. For consultancy or more information, please contact us at the numbers in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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