Role Of Micro-pigmentation In Permanent Makeup

In this brief video, we speak with Mrs. Sama Amery, a micro-pigmentation and micro-blading expert about permanent makeups.


Greetings and a great day to every one of you especially all of you ladies out there who are busier than ever and would like to get rid of the hassle of makeup. As you well know, one of the main categories of permanent makeup is eyebrowdesign, lips, and eyeliners. These processes are called by many different names and these days you might have heard about some of them. Today we’re here with Mrs. Sama Amery, one of the experts and instructors in the field of micro-blading and micro-pigmentation.

Mrs. Amery, good day and welcome. If there’s anything you want to start with, we’ll be happy to hear.

Greetings to you and all of our viewers over at

Could you tell us a little about permanent makeups?
Permanent makeups have many applications these days in cosmetic and medical fields. From a cosmetic point of view, women who don’t want to spend lots of time for makeup or makeup is inconvenient for them for any reason, can use permanent eyeliner, eyebrowhachure, or lipsticks. From a medical point of view, we can mention use cases for people who have gone through chemotherapy, those who suffer from alopecia, and people with breast surgery who want to hide the remaining scars.

Could you tell us about the people for whom this process is not suitable?
People with issues that permanently prevents them from going through this process include people with HIV, Hemophilia, Diabetes, Hepatitis, and people with severe mental illness.

Many people would like to join your classes. Will you tell us more about your classes and how these classes take place?
Yes, there are micro-pigmentation and micro-blading classes in the form of private and group workshops. Those who would like to join our classes or need more information can contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

This concludes our item for today. I hope we’ve succeeded in answering some of your questions. To receive consultancy, please contact us at the numbers below.

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