Tattoo Removal With Q-Switch Laser Explained

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about tattoo removals using Q-switch Nd:YAG Fractional lasers. This videos is provided by Mrs. Faeze Jafari. To book our services regarding the latest methods of tattoo and micro-pigmentation, please call us at 09121962430.


Greetings. I’m Faeze Jafari administration at Afagh skin and cosmetics center with more than ten years of experience in skin cleansing and tattoo removal. Today I’m here to share with you my understanding and knowledge about tattoo removal that has been gathered through the years as a result of our experiences, conferences we took part in, and our research.

Q-Swith Nd:YAG fractional laser is the best and safest choice when it comes to removing old tattoos with different colors in the shortest time possible and with damage to the skin possible. We are happy to announce that we provide tattoo removal services and free consultancy using this type of machine.

First, we have to talk about what the word fractional means and how it will help us. Imagine taking a shower without using a douche. This way the water falls on your head in a unified stream, which can be irritating. This is until you use a douche and the unified stream is broken down to many smaller streams. This way the process becomes much easier. Fractional in Q-switch does the exact same thing. When the laser beam goes through the lenses, it’s broken down to many smaller rays and when it touches the patient’s skin, it causes the least damage and provides the best outcome.

People who use laser to remove their tattoos are usually two groups. The first group are people who decide to get a tattoo on an impulse and afterwards want to remove it. The second group are people who do need to get tattoos usually for cosmetic or medical reasons, but the result are not to their liking or the process is done incorrectly. There are usually color infusions, the color choices are wrong, or the design has been incorrect. For example, the eyebrows are not symmetrical, the lip liner is draws too far off the actual lip lines, or the eyeliner is overdone. The best way to solve this issue is to use Q-Swith Nd:YAG fractional laser.

Under no circumstances do we ever recommend using chemicals promoted in cosmetic salons. This because this type of chemicals are highly acidic and can create sinking on your skin that are truly irreversible. Therefore, it’s crucial to be careful with your choices when you decide to remove your tattoos. In this center, you have the advantage of seeing our before and after shots. You can come here in person and observe the results and the result of this process is immediately apparent after the process.

During the first Q-Swith Nd:YAG fractional laser pass, the colors are brought to the surface of the skin. Sometimes this shows itself as the tattoo getting darker. There is no reason to be alarmed about this. During the second pass, or at most, the third pass, the colors disappear completely. This is the general process of tattoo removal with this laser. Some people ask if this process is painful. Since the process takes place after applying very powerful anesthetics, the pain is very much minimized.

After the process, since there are no side effect, inflammation or scars, you only have to use a zinc ointment for two days and after that you will use a repair cream. You can go through this type of laser therapy from 15 years of age and above. There’s no difference for male or female patients. It’s better if you’re not under direct sunlight after the process. This device can remove many types of skin defects such as moles, acne, tattoos, and birthmarks with minimum pain, inflammation or bleeding.

Some of our viewers had asked about the classes that they could take to learn about working with this type of laser. We conduct fast-yield, short term classes. You can join our classes to learn more about this process. Please remember not to use beige colors or chemicals to remove your tattoos and instead use lasers to get the best results.

To know about our classes and their timelines, please call us at the numbers in the description. Our free consultants are available to answer all your questions free of charge.

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