How To: Facial Mask Tutorial

To prepare this smoothing mask, you will need some almond powder and honey. The health benefits of almonds include skin nourishment, acne treatment, purging the body of toxic material and clearing whiteheads and blackheads pimples.
To make this mixture less viscous and easy to apply on the face, heat it until it becomes slightly soft. Then spread it all over the face except for the eyes with a clean brush. This mask contains tiny pieces of almond which assists with skin exfoliation.


Hello everyone, I'm Dorsa from Rojelab website, Today I'm about to teach you how to make a fabulous mask to lighten the face. it's made up of almond powder and honey. almond is a rich source of E vitamin which you are probably aware that it is necessary for the skin nourishment. also helps purge the body from toxic material and is efficient in treating acne. it contains a great amount of protein, fiber, oil and magnesium. and is very useful in clearing whiteheads and blackheads pimples. so for this kind of mask, we need a little of almond powder and honey. but to make the mask a bit softer and less viscous. we'll mix a spoonful of the powder with some honey depending on how viscous it is. Then we'll heat it mildly until it becomes a little softer. and apply it on the face when it is softer. so I'll heat this and come back to you when it's become a bit softer.

Well I've heated this mask to be less viscous. now I'll apply it on my face with a brush. These pieces which you see comes from the almond that also makes a little exfoliation. spread the material all over the face except for the eyes. when I've finished spreading, wait for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. very well, I've washed my face, as you touch the almond pieces on your face while washing it, it makes a small exfoliation on the skin. I hope you will enjoy using it for your needs, see you later.

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