How To: Apply Foundation For Full Coverage

The skin must become free of any make-up and impurities prior to the any treatment. After skin cleansing, moisturizers may be used to improve the skin hydration.

After applying the moisturizer, let it stay for a few minutes to be better absorbed. Then put the primer evenly on the skin. For the face foundation we can use GRIMAS make-up cream. We can also use camouflage to assure a full coverage on the skin.

After setting the foundation on the face, apply the fixing powder to stabilize the cream powder .This product is also used to stabilize the eye make-up.


Hello everyone, I'm Dorsa from Rojelab website. Today I wanna teach you how to prepare the skin for a make-up. and also how to apply and fix the cream powder properly. I'd like to use GRIMAS products for this purpose. As the first step, we need to cleanse the face thoroughly even if we're not wearing any make-up we must make the skin cleansed based on our skin type. I have a normal skin type so I'll first use this product as a multi-remover. using this pad, I'll cleanse my entire face. apply a bit of this on the pad and massage it on the face. note that you should always move the pad outwards on the face. now for the next step, I'll use this cleansing lotion. apply this too on the pad and massage it all over the face and it doesn't need a pause after applying. right after that, I'll use this GRIMAS primer which is in the form of a moisturizing cream.

I'll put a bit of this on the pad. and cleanse the entire face. All right, now I wanna use this primer on my face with this tool called '' spatula " . take a little bit and you don't need to put much of it on your face. I'm putting it on my face. you can use it for your eyes too. and spread it evenly all over the face. just wait for 10 minutes after applying this primer so it is well absorbed to the face. Then begin to prepare the foundation (FOUN). well, I'd like to use a care make-up for my face FOUN. and add a little camouflage to it. cause camouflage enhances the cream powder coverage. those having pimples and spot marks on their skin. can mix their cream powder with a bit of camouflage on the pallet. take it with this tool and mix it with the care make-up. and apply it on the face, it improves the coverage of the cream powder as well as making it a bit heavier. now, I'll take a little of care make-up according to my skin colour. and a little from camouflage. put it on the pallet. and mix them well. well, I've prepared the cream powder by mixing the camouflage and care make-up. and now I'll apply it on my face with this cream powder brush. note that after you run the brush on the cream powder, you must dump the extra cream before applying on your face. so that you won't put a too thick layer of cream on the face. we'll apply it on all parts of face, we can even use it for under the eyes. and don't worry if the brush leaves any trace on the face. cause we'll make it uniform by a latex pad. after applying a layer of this make-up cream on the face. We can use this latex pad for all over the face to make it smooth and uniform.

If your face has become too oily, you can make it a little damp to remove the extra oiliness of the cream. and dab it gently on your face. till it's fully uniform and the brush traces are eliminated. after making the whole face uniform with this pad. In order to stabilize the skin form. according to skin colour, take a bit of pancake with this brush. and apply it on all over the face other than the eyes. after applying the pancake on the face to stabilize the cream powder. now it comes to making the area under the eyes stable. Instead of using concealers, I'll use the mixture of care make-up and camouflage that I used on my face. and make that area stabilized and then apply the fixing powder. put a bit of this on the pallet. with the unused side of the same latex pad. I'll apply the material on the area under the eyes.

Try to form a triangular shape on the whole area under the eyes and thoroughly apply the fixing powder on it. hold on for a few minutes till the fixing powder is settled under the eyes, then wipe it off with a new clean brush. All right pals, now It's been around ten minutes since I applied the fixing powder under my eyes. and now I wanna wipe under my eyes with this fan-shaped brush ( highlight brush) which is made to remove extra fix powder. just sweep it under your eyes. when we have removed the extra powder off the face. by now the cream powder must have totally settled on the face. both the areas where we applied the pancake and under the eyes . I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions just leave a comment below this video. see you again soon.

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