How to Use Eyelash Curls

In this video from, we will show you how to properly use Eyelash Curls


Hello everyone, This is Dorsa from Rojelab website, Today I'll show you how to use an eye curler the right way. as eyelash curlers are used to enhance the look of eyes. but if used improperly, it may cause the lashes to split up and lose their attractiveness. it could even cause them to fall out in the long term. almost everyone has got at least one simple eyelash curler, you don't have to use a pro tool for this purpose. the only thing is that the clamp must be able to move freely so as not to damage your lashes. I'll try to hold my eyelids still while using the curler, because it might get the lashes stuck in the curler and break them off. place the curler in a way that all your lashes are inside. Then clamp it down a few times. hold the curler as close to the root of your eyelashes as possible but make sure it is far enough so as not to pinch your eyelid.

I'll place my lashes inside the curler and clamp it down a few times. release the curler before opening your eyes. If you try to open your eyes with the curler still clamped on your lashes, it will surely damage your lashes. so it's safer to remove the curler first before opening your eyes. you can repeat this if necessary. but I think by using it once, you can keep the natural looks of your lashes. afterwards you can also add more length and curls to your lashes by applying mascara. so you don't have to do all the work of eyelash beauty enhancement by just the curler. applying mascara can also further make your lashes look longer and curlier. well we're done with this tutorial here,I hope you liked it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment it below this video to get your answer. See you later.

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