How To: Revive Dried Out Nail Polish

If you've got some old, thick and dried out nail polish, you can refresh it with a few different steps and techniques to be as good as a new one!
Place the bottle of nail polish into hot water and let it be there until the water has cooled down a little bit. Next, add a few drops of polish remover or acetone to thin it out. Finally, if you feel the polish is still too thick to be used, try repeating all the steps.


Hello everyone, Today I'm gonna suggest a solution to a problem many of us may be dealing with. We may have some old, thick and dried out nail polish which we'd like to refresh and make it usable again. so I'm gonna tell you how to restore your dried out nail polish to be as good as new. the first step is place the bottle in hot water, it should not be boiling water but hot enough that one wouldn't be able to keep their finger in it. let it stay in the water until it's cooled down a little bit. you can also try using nail polish thinner. All you have to do is put a few drops in the bottle and shake it up!, you may repeat this step if you feel it's still too thick. another method is using nail polish remover or acetone. but remember not to put more than one or two drops of the remover into the bottle. otherwise, it may discolour your nail polish. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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