How To: Gel Nails & Nail Design

In this tutorial, you’re going to see how a gel nail polish and nail design are done and added together. If you’re interested in joining our classes, please contact us at 09367007399.


Greetings. I’m Tamara Bahri, and today I’m here with a tutorial on Gel Nails.

First, let’s scrub the oil from the surface of the nail using a soft scrub. We want to get rid of the shine on the nail surface. Scrub very gently, without damaging the nail and just enough to get rid of the shine on the nail. Choose the right tip and measure it. Scrub the tip to get rid of the edges. After that, put a little glue under the tip. Add the glue across the back of the tip so to avoid air infusion. Hold the finger horizontally and stick the tip to the nail. Press the tip from the sides to make sure the tip is well connected to the nail. Cut the tip to the client’s preferred size.

After cutting the tip, hold the scrub horizontally and move up as you scrub. This will remove the hard edges from the end of the tip. Also, scrub the tip gently to remove the shine from the surface of the tip. The same way you did with the nail. Scrub to remove the line between the tip and the nail. Use the edge of the scrub to remove this line. Scrub gently to avoid hurting the client.

After the line has been removed, add some anti-fungus. Some people have cuticles that have to be cut. My client here doesn’t have cuticles that require removal. However, I’m going to show you the process for the sake of this tutorial. Use an electric scrub to go around the root of the nail. Try not to cause damage or injuries and use the scrub gently. Use anti-fungus again. Now add some primer.

Now let’s add the gel. We’ll start with the more diluted one. It’s called a base gel. Use it just like nail polish. Make sure not to add the gel to the cuticle or the skin around the nail, because after putting the nail under UV light, it will be hard to remove it from the skin. The time required for the gel to get dry under UV light is usually stated on the packaging. Put the nail under UV light for the stated amount of time.

There’s no need to remove the stickiness of the base gel or premium gel. This stickiness is required. But at the last step, this stickiness will be removed using a nail cleanser. Some people use alcohol or Acetone. Using these could remove some of the shine of the nail. Here we use a cleanser. Nevertheless, if no cleanser is available, you can use alcohol or Acetone too.

After removing the base gel from under the UV light, we’re going to add the premium gel which has a much higher density. Add the premium gel with rotational movements. Add the gel with rotational movements. This type of gel with drip and you should pay attention when applying the gel. Fundamentally, a premium gel will be added to the nail at some point during the process, but if you remove the nail from UV light and notice there are bumps on the nail, you can repeat the process again. However, usually just once is enough. Make sure not to add the premium gel to the tissue or the cuticles. During the gel nail process, when the nail is under UV light, the client might feel a burning sensation. This is not unusual or alarming. Some nails are more sensitive and will react to the gel. The burning sensation will subside after a few seconds.

Look at the nail from the side and make sure the curve and the shape of the nail are OK. For gel nails, try to use two sets of UV lights, so you can put one finger under the UV and work on another one because the gel will start dripping very fast. We’ll put the nail under the UV light for three minutes. We’ve already removed the nail from under the UV light. We’ve already added the products and there’s no need for a second round of premium gel. Nevertheless, if you feel that you need to add another layer, because you might reach the nail if you scrub it, or you see bumps on the nail, add another layer of products.

Now we want to remove the stickiness from the nail. Add some cleanser to a piece of cotton and clean the nail surface. Rub the cotton all over the nail. Use some pressure when doing so, because the harder you scrub it using the cleanser, the shinier the nail will look. Keep in mind that electric scrubs are only used to get rid of the cuticles. To scrub the nail, use a hand-held scrub only. Try to level the whole nail. Scrub the tip again. Use your hand to touch the nail and if there are bumps, use your scrub to level it. When the surface is level, use your buff and polish, using the harder side first and then the softer one. If the products are added correctly, there is no need for using a scrub to clean around the nail. Here, we’re going to show the process for the sake of the tutorial. Only cleaning around the nail is done using an electrical scrub, the rest of the process is done using a hand-held one.

When scrubbing, buffing and polishing are over, we have to add the top shine. Only add a thin layer, one millimeter away from the root. Under no circumstances should your product touch the tissue or the cuticles. Put the hand under UV light for three minutes.

Our gel nail is done. We’ve added our top shine in a thin layer.

For those of you who are interested in joining our classes, please contact us if you’re interested in learning Gel Nail, Mix &. Match, Nail Makeup, Baby Boomer, Glass, and permanent designs.

For those of you who are interested in joining our classes, please contact us if you’re interested in learning Gel Nail, Mix &. Match, Nail Makeup, Baby Boomer, Glass, and permanent designs.

Now let’s add a design using chain and jewels to the nail. We’ll wait for the nail to dry. Because if the nail is wet, the product on the top will crack.

Our design, using chain and jewel is done. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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