How To: Handy Tips For Volume Extension

The treatment area must become free of any fat prior to beginning the process. A cleanser material can be used to make sure of its cleanness.
In the next stage, a piece of pad is used to completely cover the lower lashes. Then, some adhesive material is applied to a specifically used pad to begin the fan making step.
Below, you can watch a tutorial, containing a full instruction of applying the volume extension. To sign up for the classes presented by Ms. Shirin Ramezan, please dial the phone numbers available.


Hello to all of you followers of Rojelab website, I'm Shirin Ramezan, a professional instructor from Russian beauty academies. Today, I'm gonna show you how to do volume extension and how to make eyelash fans. So stay tuned. Before getting started, we have to make sure the client's lashes are thoroughly clean. It has to become free of even the natural fat of the lashes. For this purpose, we will us the cleanser. dip the micro-brush into the cleanser bottle. and apply the cleanser to the entire length of the lashes. until even the natural fat is removed off the lashes. after you've thoroughly cleansed the client's lashes free of any dirt. put a piece of pad underneath the lower lid to completely cover the lower lashes.

There might be some lash strands sticking out from under the pad, so we have to cover them with a piece of tape. a very important point before beginning the treatment is having a proper recognition of the client's face shape. This method is usually known as Russian extension. so knowing about the client's face shape is of utmost importance. We must determine and write down what length should be added to the lashes based on her face shape. This way we can follow a particular size for the lashes during the process. after we've selected the suitable lengths, we go for the adhesive material, shake the bottle well. Then put some of it on the special adhesive pad.

Now we go for the fan making, we usually teach several ways to make fans in a few seconds. It's essential to be able to do it within a few seconds. actually It's one of the most important issues in the process of volume extension. I already know six methods for fan making, I'll show you one of them here which is quicker and more applicable than the others. as you're already aware, not all the lashes hair are of the same strength. some may be a bit thinner and some may be thicker and therefore, stronger. We must consider the client's natural lash and make the fans which best fit her eyes. We might need to add a 2D fan to one strand and a thicker one to another lash.

These issues must be of course checked in our initial analysis. We can do it based on the maximum and the minimum lash length we select for the eyes. very well, I.m done with this volume eyelash extension item. To learn more about our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided.

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