Working With Nail Forms

In this tutorial, we try to show you how you can design nail using forms. This tutorial was provided by Bahri Educational group. To contact us please use any of these numbers: 09373302527 or 09367007399


Greetings. I’m Tamara Bahri, nail expert from Bahri educational group. Today I want to show you how to work with nail forMs. As you can see there are no tips used here. I have already put the former on the nail and done the basics. I’m only going to show you how you can add the product using the forMs. Start by adding the anti-fungus polish. Apply the primer next. You can use acrylic or mixed color powders. I’m using a peach color here. Because when you use a form, the tip of the nail will look like glass and it won’t look good. Unless you are going to make a shell, which in that case it would look much better. Here we want to work only with colors. Add the product to the tip, right on the form. Use your brush to form the product and don’t let it drip. Look at the nail during the process and if you see any bump, fix them along the way.

After designing the tip using the form, it’s time to work on its shape a little. Since we didn't use a tip, the product on the nail might look a little straight in the front. Use a pinch to close the form on the nail. Wait for the product to dry a little to make sure it won't stick to the pinch. You can use your thumbs or tweezers to achieve the same goal. The inner part of the pinch will put more pressure on the nail and the tip, less. This will curve the tip we just made using the form. Our product is dry. Let’s remove the pinch and then the form.

Start scrubbing under the nail to remove the excess product. Scrub only to one direction. Clean around the nail. Since we used a pinch, our nail has a nice curve at the tip. Use a buffer and then a polish. In the end, add a layer of gel on the nail. Close the tip by adding some gel there. Put the nail under UV light for three minutes.

This concludes our tutorial on nail forms. I hope it’s been helpful.

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