How To: Mix Nail Implant Tutorial

To get started, first make the required foundation, next put on the tip, then strt scratching on the surface of the tip to make sure there’s not any oiliness on it.

Apply the substance from the free edge on the nail. Wait until it is fully dried then begin using the manual and electric file.

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Hello everyone, I'm Tamara Bahri. a nail technician from Bahri instruction group. Today, I'm gonna teach you the mix nail implant method. We've already made the required foundation, put the tip, made enough scratches on the tip and smoothed the edges. now we wanna apply the anti-fungus. now put the primer. start applying the material from the free edge of the nail. look at the nail from the sides and apply the substance on anywhere we see a dent. wait until the applied material dries on the nail surface. Then begin filing and putting the gel. after the material has fully dried, start filing. put the file vertically on the sides and file them. move the file in one direction. after we've finished filing the surface of the nail. start smoothing the edges on the nail plate. start making it soft. now polish it.

Apply a layer of top gel. and the implant is over. wait for 3 minutes. very well, the mix implant is over now. I hope you've found it useful enough.

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