How To: New Bridal Chignon Style

To get started, pick a model for the front part and gather the rest of hair on top of the head. We can make a prosthesis with the hair if it’s long enough or put an artificial prosthesis if it’s short.
To add the hair extensions, grab five sections of hair extensions and secure them in place on the prosthesis using bobby pins.
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Hello everyone, I'm Niloofar Asghari, a chignon technician in Kimia beauty salon. Today I'm gonna show you a chignon technique for short hair using hair extensions. So I'll be glad if you keep watching us. To make a chignon for short hair, based on the client's taste you can make a parting in the middle or flip the hair to either side. you can do as you like and see which one suits the face shape. I've gathered the whole hair in one place and let's suppose we have too short hair here. I'll use a part of to make a prosthesis and divide a small section apart. you need to be so much careful when making these divisions. we're gonna need this section for sure. and wrap the remaining section around the hair elastic. If the client has short hair we will use a prosthesis and if she has long hair we will use the hair itself a prosthesis, then tease it and put a net to keep it tidy in place. and as I said, I separated a section to work with later. to add hair extensions, we will need five sections.

Get it prepared, brush it, put an elastic and then apply it to the hair. use small pins to secure it in place. grab another section and do the same. well, I've applied five sections of hair extensions with short small pins. Now I'll use this section that I had separated to cover the pins and extension tips on the prosthesis. in this kind of technique, we'll start from the left ear. In order to stiffen the lines on the hair here we can apply a strong hairspray. Then start pulling the sections and put them in place. you can pull out as many lines as you'd like according to your taste. we'll go on by brushing the rest of the hair. and put a pin here following the previous ones. now go on to the next extension section and brush it well. it has to be brushed thoroughly from the roots. apply some spray underneath the section to make it more lasting. apply some hair shine if you see and frizz on the hair. and try to open the section while holding your hand upwards. place a piece of stick here to hold it for now.

Then go sort out the lines on this section. pull the lines so they stand out more. apply the hairspray to get it fixed when you're sure it's in shape. I wanna do the rest on the top so I'll comb the hair ends. again apply the spray underneath the section to make it last longer. put a pin right here to keep it in shape and pull this part upwards. pull it upwards till it's level with the previous one. and go on with combing the remaining ends. We can tuck all the extra hair into the prosthesis. now grab the fourth extension section and comb it from the roots. hold it with one hand and curl the other downwards to open the section. Then sort out the lines with pins. now pull the lines and apply the spray to get them fixed in place. keep in mind that we must place a pin on this point to hold it before going on the top part. comb the section ends to straighten the hair. apply the spray underneath the section to add up to its durability. now use your hands to pull out the small sections.

And apply the spray after arranging the lines. Then secure the ends in place with a pin. now tuck the extra ends that are showing under the prosthesis to get rid of them. now comb the last extension hair from the roots. use a hair shine or cream if it's too frizzy. apply the spray under the section. pull it to be opened enough to cover the blank area on the back of chignon. now for this part, place a pin here and try to pull out the lines on the top. now we'll use a trick for this section ends. by crossing it under the previous section. Then put a pin to get it fixed in place and hide the rest under the chignon. apply the final spray for fixing the chignon. I'm gonna show you how we can fix it with pins too. If you're short of time you can blow dry the chignon but if you have plenty of time you better wait till it's dried. to fix the chignon with pins, bend one leg of a pin and push it inside the chignon to be completely hidden in it. very well palls, we're done with this chignon of ours here.

An elaborate chignon for brides with beautiful tastes. you can use scalp crowns or short crowns because the top figure of the chignon must be visible. thanks for devoting your time to us. To join the chignon classes in Kimia beauty salon, please dial the numbers provided. see you later.

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