How To: Nail Implant With Permanent Flower Design

To get started, first push the cuticles back, then use the electric nail file to sand the nail’s shell.
In the next step, insert the tips on the nails and cut them to the desired length. Then try to make the surface of the tips a bit opaque using the drill. After that pick the manual file to shape the nails.
Apply the anti-fungus material and the primer to the nail and put the white powder on the nails. Below, you can watch a full instruction of this procedure.
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Hello to every one of you followers of Rojelab website. I'm Najmeh Askari, a make-up expert in various fields including chignon, plait, lash extension and nail manicure. from Mehr-e-Aria institute supervised by Ms. Aria Nejed. Today we're gonna show you a nail implant technique with pressed flower design. I will first push the cuticles back with the pusher and then remove the excessive cuticle with a nipper and use the manicure drill pointed bit for the nail edges. now I'll insert the sanding bit into the drill to sand the nail shell. brush away the sand dust. pick the suitable tips for the nail. apply a bit of the adhesive gel to the curved end of the tip. put a little on the nail edge too. and press the tip onto the nail and hold it for a few minutes till the gel bonds tightly with the nail. do the same for the next tip. the natural nail must be short enough to avoid gaps between the nail and tip. Then use the clipper to trim the tips down to the client's desired length and shape.

Now I'll put the sanding bit to make the tip a bit opaque. use the manual nail file to shape the client's nails. in this step, remove the extra dust. apply the anti-fungus material. to the curved part of the nail surface. after the anti-fungus material, it comes to the primer. apply it thoroughly to the nail shell. hold the finger with the nail pointed downwards. dip the brush into the liquid, then the powder. as the first pass, apply the material gently to the tip end with tapping motions. now for the second pass, dip the brush again in the liquid and powder and apply it to the nail with tapping motions . and for the third pass, apply the material to the remaining section in 1 mm from the nail root and fade it towards the tip end. well, we've made the foundation and applied the anti-fungus, now I'll apply the primer. since I wanna make a permanent design, I'll use a white powder for the sublayer. dip the brush into the liquid. Then into the powder and sweep it down on the nail from the root to make a sublayer.

Apply the designing material before the sublayer is dried. choose a flower design to use. We can use some primer to help the flower stick better on the nail. I wanna use the clear powder now, so I'll dip the brush into the liquid, then the clear powder. and apply it very gently to the nail. don't go too near the skin. be careful not to touch the skin while you're near the edges. start filing the surface using the drill with the sanding bit on. very well pals, we're done with our job in permanent acrylic design with dry flower. I do hope you've enjoyed it. well, this tutorial is over now, thanks for watching us. I look forward to seeing you in Mehr-e-Aria classes in various fields such as chignon, eyelashes, plait, pigmentation and haircut. thank you all again and to learn more about these classes, please dial the numbers provided. see you later.

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