Eyebrow Trimming

There are 3 important points in trimming eyebrows: The trimming method, the symmetry and matching style for the face type.
Notice to cut the hair in a straight line whereever it is longer than other sections.
Trim eyebrows from the tail and do not shape the arc. Trim eyebrow completely straight.


Hello everyone, today we have a talk about eyebrows trimming from Noghreh Negar team.

The eyebrowstyle that we want to teach you today is so easy and straight.

For eyebrows trimming you must pay attention to 3 key points:
Eyebrows trimming style (design), Symmetry, and Identifying the face type.

At first, cut the hair in a straight way. Then brush your eyebrows hair upwards, and cut that hair which is longer than others and is out of the trimming line.

For trimming the head of the eyebrow the head of the eyebrow must be parallel with the nasal side walls.

Trimming this part is completely straight forward. keep the short hairs in the not-grown parts of the eyebrows. For this trimming style, your eyebrows from head to tail must be cut straightly.

This model that has a straight bottom is suitable for any face shape. so trim the eyebrows from the tail and do not shape it like an arc. trim completely straight, and don't decrease its head's width. thoroughly oblong.

The short side of the eyebrow tail must match the corner of the eye.

At the end of trimming, use a blade. Keep the blade between thumb and ring finger. Then move it with your middle finger and trim extra hairs completely straight.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

For more trimming styles, you can always attend our classes.

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