How To: Eyebrow Plucking Guide

If you’re wondering how you can pluck your eyebrows like a pro and of course less painfully, just stop looking further and watch this tutorial.
In the very first step, make sure the brow’s crown is made perfectly aligned with the tear duct, so the arch point with one-third the eye’s length and the tail with the far corner of the eye.
Moreover, correct trimming of the eyebrow hairs is of utmost importance. To remove extra hair around the brow, you can use a piece of thread or a hand razor.
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Hello to every one of you followers of Rojelab website, I'm a eyebrow care expert from Soorati beauty salon. Today I'm gonna show you an eyebrow make-up item, so stay tuned. in the first place, you must consider the following hints I'm about to give you. firstly, the crown of each brow has to be symmetrical to the tear ducts. the arch point to 1/3 the eye's length, and the tail to the far ends of the eyes. although many clients don't have this kind of symmetry on their face, we must try to create it for them. the second most important issue would be trimming the brow hairs. that's because when the unwanted hair is removed, it gives a pretty look to the brows which everyone will find attractive.

By the way, you need to observe the client's face shape for doing their brows. like oval or rectangular faces, the width and length of the forehead or even the size of eyes are important. trimming the brow hairs needs special attention, it shouldn't be cut too short that makes the crown look too sparse and thin. the middle part needs to be cut slightly so as not to spoil its fullness and beauty. now for the tail part of the brow. the tail part must be cut carefully, because pretty-looking brows are always thick on the crown and thin on the tail. the beginning and the end should never be the same size.

Now shave the excess hair around the brow as long as its main look is not changed. This can be done using either threads or razors, as this client's brow is not so much full,I'm using a razor for that. there are different shapes of eyebrow on different faces. in a way that one can have an oblong shape on the crown and another can have a round shape. anyway, we have to make them well symmetrical in a way that satisfies the clients. well, I'm now done with this brow item, I hope It's been useful enough. to join our classes in Soorati beauty salon, please dial the phone numbers provided.

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