Easy Braid Step-By-Step

In this brief tutorial, you will see the steps to a beautiful braid.


Greetings. I’m Neda from Noghre Negar Beauty Institute. I’m here today with a tutorial on braiding hair.

For this braid, I’ve separated the hair into two equal parts. I’ve used two hairbands to wrap both parts on the same vertical line. As you can see they form two ponytails. To do this type of braid, separate a layer from the top and then separate the same volume of hair from the layer below. Let the batch from the top layer free. Pick another layer from the top and another from below. Again, another from the top and another from below. Do it again and continue. Let the parts from the top free to stay in the middle of your braid. Continue like this until the end.

Put this part of the hair on top to get it out of way. Use a hairband to close the part below. Meaning you have to add one more hairband to the second ponytail. Repeat the same process for this layer as well. Separate a layer from the top and one from the bottom ponytail. Again, let the layers from the top hang free. Continue until you reach the end of the hair. What remains of the upper ponytail is what you use again for the rest of the braid.

If you separate the layers correctly, the lines you chose will overlap completely. Put this part on the top and add another hairband to the lower ponytail. We will repeat the same process here as well. When you add a hairband to the lower ponytail, you have to use the hair remaining from the top to form your braid. Put the hairband on the lower ponytail and put the upper layer on top. Now start doing the same as before. Pick a layer from the top and another from the ponytail you just added the hairband to. The layers are put together like a rope. Add another hairband to this part and continue until you reach the end of the hair.

This is the result of this braid. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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